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[SOLVED] Problem when modifying Paypal redirect page.


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I'm trying to "spiff up" our PayPal redirect page. I want to make
it look kind of like our Payment notification emails.

I made this mod:

<table style="font-family:Verdana, sans-serif;font-size:11px;width:550px;">



<br>   <form action="{$paypal_url}" method="post" id="paypal_form" class="hidden"><br>     < the rest of the form that is submitted on redirect ><br>   </form&gt

I also added this code to redirect.php:

 'shop_url' => 'http://'.Tools::getHttpHost(false, true).__PS_BASE_URI__,
 'shop_name' => Configuration::get('PS_SHOP_NAME'),
 'shop_logo' => _PS_IMG_DIR_.'logo.jpg',
 'redirect_text' => $paypal->getL('Please wait, redirecting to Paypal... Thanks.'),
 < more assignments >

But I continue to get this error:

Fatal error: Smarty error: [in /home/mydir/public_html/modules/paypal/redirect.tpl line 10]: 
syntax error: unrecognized tag 'shop_url' (Smarty_Compiler.class.php, line 590) in 
/home/mydir/public_html/tools/smarty/Smarty.class.php on line 1095

I've clear out the Smarty cache and still get the error. I've tried puting a {debug} marker at
the top of redirect.tpl but it does not throw the debug window.

Any ideas?

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Yes, I use the standard module also. Can you send me a link and show me what your redirect page looks like. The default one is not very good and "encourages" the buyer to take action by adding a "cancel" button. I would love to modify this page. Actually, I would prefer if the page didn't exist - what purpose does it serve?

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Want to see it in action?
Unless you want to buy one of my reports, I can't show you a screen shot.

The redirect.tpl is actually a form that has all the parameters for the order that gets sent to PayPal.
Personally, I think they could have done it with cURL instead of a redirect but that is just my opinion.

I added a animated gif, too. Here's the entire code:(of course it matches my theme, and I use onepagecheckout, too)

I am attaching the TPL because this stupid forum takes out the javascript from the code tag.


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And here's my redirect.php:



$paypal = new Paypal();
$cart = new Cart(intval($cookie->id_cart));

$address = new Address(intval($cart->id_address_invoice));
$country = new Country(intval($address->id_country));
$state = NULL;
if ($address->id_state)
   $state = new State(intval($address->id_state));
$customer = new Customer(intval($cart->id_customer));
$business = Configuration::get('PAYPAL_BUSINESS');
$header = Configuration::get('PAYPAL_HEADER');
$currency_order = new Currency(intval($cart->id_currency));
$currency_module = $paypal->getCurrency();

if (!Validate::isEmail($business))
   die($paypal->getL('Paypal error: (invalid or undefined business account email)'));

if (!Validate::isLoadedObject($address) OR !Validate::isLoadedObject($customer) OR !Validate::isLoadedObject($currency_module))
   die($paypal->getL('Paypal error: (invalid address or customer)'));

// check currency of payment
if ($currency_order->id != $currency_module->id)
   $cookie->id_currency = $currency_module->id;
   $cart->id_currency = $currency_module->id;

 'shop_logo' => _PS_IMG_DIR_.'logo.jpg',
 'shop_url' => 'http://'.Tools::getHttpHost(false, true).__PS_BASE_URI__,
   'redirect_text' => $paypal->getL('Please wait, redirecting to Paypal... Thanks.'),
   'cancel_text' => $paypal->getL('Cancel'),
   'cart_text' => $paypal->getL('My cart'),
   'return_text' => $paypal->getL('Return to shop'),
   'paypal_url' => $paypal->getPaypalUrl(),
   'address' => $address,
   'country' => $country,
   'state' => $state,
   'amount' => floatval($cart->getOrderTotal(true, 4)),
   'customer' => $customer,
   'total' => floatval($cart->getOrderTotal(true, 3)),
   'shipping' => Tools::ps_round(floatval($cart->getOrderShippingCost()) + floatval($cart->getOrderTotal(true, 6)), 2),
   'discount' => $cart->getOrderTotal(true, 2),
   'business' => $business,
   'currency_module' => $currency_module,
   'cart_id' => intval($cart->id),
   'products' => $cart->getProducts(),
   'paypal_id' => intval($paypal->id),
   'header' => $header,
   'url' => Tools::getHttpHost(false, true).__PS_BASE_URI__

if (is_file(_PS_THEME_DIR_.'modules/paypal/redirect.tpl'))


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Hello everyone! I have a problem about the redirect page. After I have changed the redirect text in redirect.php of the paypal module 1.6, the redirect text disappear. Only a blank line and Cancel button is shown in the redirect page.

Please help! Thank you very much!

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