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  1. If you alter one word in your search it can effect the result Google presents. It is trying to create a valid response for the searcher. Those words may not appear in your meta description but are they in: The body of the page Your image file names, titles or alt tags Or in the footer of the page One way to check is to look at the source code and do a search for those words. One way yo can "help" Google to get it right is to bold a few key words or phrases that you would find acceptable if they appeared in a search result. Google will often use bold words as an indicator of the kind of content you are displaying.
  2. Absolutely, El Patron. Your on page SEO, Site Speed Navigation Internal Link Strategy Usability Design Tim on Page ...Are all metrics Google uses to measure your sites value in search results. If your site is bloated, heavy, hard to navigate, illogical, etc, then it is going to suffer in the SERPS and it will have nothing to do with the platform it was built on.
  3. Hi, we all know Prestashop builds great e-commerce stores. I have been running a successful board game store with Prestashop since 2009. Most of us rely on good organic traffic to succeed online, but a lot has changed in Google's organic search results since then. What are you doing well regarding off page SEO, link building, Social Media, etc? What tips, tools or tactics can you share with the rest of the Prestashop Community?
  4. Hey did you solve this problem? If not, are you using a plugin to generate the schema markup? If so, have you spoken to the developer?
  5. Hey Vin, Prestashop is a superior product in my opinion to Magento. If Magento are ahead in search, it could be a volume thing - there are more Mag sites than Presta sites. However, I do think that Presta has struggled in the past with duplicate content issues - even today I read two posts by new users about this being a problem with their site. I built my first Prestahop in 2009 I think, and it kicked butt in the search engines - and still does.
  6. OK, looks like you need to set a preferred domain in Google Webmaster Tools. You have two URLS - one that is secured with an SSL certificate and the other is an ordinary URL. You need to get rid of one of those through Google Webmaster tools. If you need help with that, give me a shout.
  7. What do you mean by "SEO index"? By the way, you have too many keywords in your keyword tags. You only need 2-3.
  8. Ann Smarty has published some great tips to help with branding your webstore online. These are tips that I have used in my store in the paste - especially those that bring you in to direct contact (via phone or email). Building a User-Centric Branding Model like Redbull Be an Active Social Media User Become a Blogger Be Compelling When Being Public Join Related Communities Be the Brand Think about Red Bull. Their brand, its design, its vocabulary and its positioning in the market place are all the result of a user-centric approach to branding. Red Bull are male action orientated. It’s that simple. They aren’t just “doing” content marketing. They are creating and delivering content to entertain and engage someone in particular. In a nut shell, Red Bull are a publishing empire that just happens to sell drinks. Ann's full article is here: http://www.internetmarketingninjas.com/blog/branding/building-your-brand-make-it-personal/
  9. Kamil, for a simple guide that shows you how to optimise any page, try http://www.malleeblue.com/1st-page-google-optimization-tips/
  10. Have you Got your Prestashop Store set up in Google Local (Google My Business)? How effective has it been for your SEO efforts? I have combined some helpful research done by Google, as well as some Prestashop store comparisons and the results are very interesting. Here is one store built on Prestashop, just as an example of what they have done using Google's Local Listing feature (I don't own Johnson's Popcorn and have never met or spoke with them). It seems that not setting yourself up on Google Local would be to leave some valuable free advertising space (worth potentially thousands of dollars) sitting on the table - even if you don't have a bricks and mortar outlet. Much better and more useful than Google Authorship ever was. Do you think it is worth creating a listing? Has it brought more traffic or sales for anyone?
  11. Hey, send me your url and I will take a look. The fix may be easier than you think.
  12. Hi Rocky, Under "Layered Navigation" block module I can't see any "child" mentioned. The module is enabled and there is a "show products from subcategories" which is enabled in the settings already.
  13. Hi, Products in rss feed only showing home page products: http://strutliving.com.au/modules/feeder/rss.php?id_category=0&orderby=position&orderway=asc I want the rss to show all products. I know this has been discussed with earlier versions, but I cannot find a fix. What do I need to edit in the rss.php to show all products - or at least - the latest products? The default seems to be: Configuration::get('PS_HOME_CATEGORY')); Is this the value that needs changing? What can I change it to? Help!
  14. Hi I am after some feedback for this sites' Home Page: https://strutliving.com.au/ Here are the Questions I hope to get help with: 1. Is the purpose of the site clear? 2. Is the design user friendly? 3. Who would you say the target audience is for these products? Anything you would change about the home page? Thanks. I look forward to your expert feedback.
  15. That's some really good advice. Has anyone else experienced this? What pages get the most inbound traffic? Is it your Category pages, Product pages? Addict, what kind of products do you sell? I wonder if that makes a difference.
  16. Hi, I would say that: Given that your English language skills appear to come fro South East Asia, and That the owner of the site is an Australian, and not Shani Lofal, and, That you have used a keyword rather than a remotely real name in your Bio, and, That you have not responded to anyone in the thread and, That you have not even given us a URL, though you have one in your Bio... That your question is really just an excuse to drop a link in a bio and gain a backlink that will not help you one little bit. Just a possibility, don't you think?
  17. Your sitemap is functioning properly and is valid. I would not worry. By the time you find a reason, Google will have found your site. There are times when the Google Sitemap tools breaks. Try again.
  18. I am not sure about your question: Are you saying you want to ad Title tag and description tag to your tag? Why would you want to do that? Or, do you mean you cannot find the Meta Title and Description Tag fields in the product page?
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