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Prestashop wont open products pages on Firefox on an individual machine


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Hello fellow prestashopers

We have a hair products eshop at www.top-hair.gr and we are getting a [PrestaShopException] Invalid Address #130 error on firefox on a single computer.

We have tested the website on other computers with firefox and also on mobile devices and it works correctly. Also on the computer that error occurs the website works on Chrome and Explorer. We uninstalled firefox and installed it again (it is currently running the latest version 56.0.2 (32-bit)) but the problem still holds. Has anyone found a similar problem to this. I have attached a screenshot of the error which happens when clicking all the products on the homepage of the website.


Thank you for you time and interest


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The error you're getting sounds like you're missing address with id 130. Something tries to access that address but it's not there.

What you could do as a workaround is to use PhpMyAdmin (or anything else that could access your store database) , go into the ps_address table and look after id_address 130. If it's not there, just create a fake new entry it id_address 130. Now if the error is gone, try to remove the address from Back Office and see if it continues to work or if the error comes back.

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