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PHP Fatal error: updatePhysicalProductQuantity() OrderHistory.php on line 406


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i updatet presta to VS and still got this fatal error.


PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined method PrestaShop\\PrestaShop\\Adapter\\StockManager::updatePhysicalProductQuantity()


/classes/order/OrderHistory.php on line 406


php file:

"  // sync all stock

***line406      (new StockManagerAdapter())->updatePhysicalProductQuantity(



I cant create any order I still get this error after I confirm order in last step.


Pease help me with this issue


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this sounds like a case where you have some kind of server side caching (opcache) enabled.


What happens is that the old php files are in the server cache, while the new files are on the filesystem.  You need to explore how you clear your servers cache so that the new files are loaded properly.


You should start with your hosting provider support

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