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  1. Hello. I have problem with search index. I have 55000 products but indexed are only 48211/48211 there are missing 7000 products. I tried many times reindex but without any success. Why are not indexed remaining 7000 products? also I have for example this product: Xbox One S 500GB + Forza Horizon 3 + Hot Wheels indexed words are: 500gb, wheels, one, hot, horizon, forza, xbox, zq900211 but when I write to search in front office for example horizon, there is 0 results. same with part. nr. zq900211 result is zero. Product is active with availability 20. Pls help.
  2. Hello, i updatet presta to VS and still got this fatal error. PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method PrestaShop\\PrestaShop\\Adapter\\StockManager::updatePhysicalProductQuantity() /classes/order/OrderHistory.php on line 406 php file: " // sync all stock ***line406 (new StockManagerAdapter())->updatePhysicalProductQuantity( (int)$order->id_shop, (int)Configuration::get('PS_OS_ERROR'), (int)Configuration::get('PS_OS_CANCELED'), null, (int)$order->id );" I cant create any order I still get this error after I confirm order in last step. Pease help me with this issue
  3. i tried it and it works without init.php and also works with this edit: if (Configuration::get('PS_SSL_ENABLED') && $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] != 'POST' && $this->ssl != Tools::usingSecureMode()) { both works OK
  4. its xml import script. hmm so not needed init in this case?
  5. Hi, I installed ssl on whole page and got same error when using cron. I tried your fix but it only fix : PHP Notice: Undefined index: REQUEST_METHOD in /home/ean_test/classes/controller/FrontController.php on line 788 Notice: Undefined index: REQUEST_METHOD in /home/ean_test/classes/controller/FrontController.php on line 788 I still got problem with lines 790 791 793 PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/ean_test/classes/controller/FrontController.php:788) in /home/ean_test/classes/controller/FrontController.php on line 790 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/ean_test/classes/controller/FrontController.php:788) in /home/ean_test/classes/controller/FrontController.php on line 790 PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/ean_test/classes/controller/FrontController.php:788) in /home/ean_test/classes/controller/FrontController.php on line 791 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/ean_test/classes/controller/FrontController.php:788) in /home/ean_test/classes/controller/FrontController.php on line 791 PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/ean_test/classes/controller/FrontController.php:788) in /home/ean_test/classes/controller/FrontController.php on line 793 How you fix this?
  6. but another problem, when searching products on site there are showed by alphabetically but I want sort them by "weight of word" first will be by reference (value10) second by title (value 8) ....
  7. Hello, I finaly find a problem. I added products via XML - php script and found out that some products dont have title in ps_product_lang and problem was that prestashop cannot accept title with this symbols: ' or = For example: baldur's gate or 1 box = 20pcs
  8. Hello, I have problem with index products for searching. I have: indexed products 16034 / 43698 I tried more times: Add an index of missing products but nothing happens. Is there any fix? Thanks
  9. i dont have acc in forge, but yes its same problem. How you wrote there it was working on 1.6. but on 1.7. doesnt work.
  10. Hello, when I create in prestashop version, 1.7.1. new product without image, why it automaticaly dont get default image (NO IMAGE AVAILABLE) from /img/p/en.jpg ? There is still blank image. Please let me know.
  11. VS have same problem, any solution?
  12. Hello, how show availability status in product list on VS 1.7 smtg like that: https://mypresta.eu/en/art/developer/product-stock-information-product-list.html core from 1.6. change to much in 1.7.. Let me know please.
  13. In VS 1.7. how can I make in product list 4 products in row, when I have activated also left column? There is default 3 products, but want 4. Is there some easy way to fix it? Let me know please.
  14. I have same problem. You can see result of this problem in product list. If you have active availability in product list and have combinatios of problem looks like this: You have product with 2 combinations - weight 10 (its default )or 15 kg, if you have on warehouse 0 pcs of 10kg and 1pcs of 15kg you should see in availability - Product available with different options but I see only not available, or sometimes available so there is somewhere bug and dont know where...
  15. Ooooo MAN you are king!!!!!!!! Thanks it works!!! Great I spent on it whole weekend without success... Really thanks. But tell me how is it possible that it works on FTP with original function - which I wrote above?
  16. Hello, thanks for reply. I am sure that DB acces is OK. Here is problem function: 97**public function nextRow($result = false) 98**{ 99**if (!$result) 100**$result = $this->result; 101**return $result->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); 102**} 97** ... are lines imagine it without this numbers and **
  17. I have same problem, I imported both files from FTP and DB files. but there is a error: Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch() on a non-object in D:\wamp2013\www\prestashop_comptoir\classes\db\DbPDO.php on line 101
  18. Any help? I tried one more time download it from ftp and run it on local, but with same result. Please help me with this issue.
  19. Hello, I have one problem. I download my site to local. Change everything (DB name, url...) but I got error when start site: Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch() on a non-object in classes\db\DbPDO.php on line 101 Back office works well. Please help me with this problem. Best regards joker
  20. Hello, I would like ask you, I got mail from customer that he want create order but cant because he wrote bad email address. Example: I add some product to cart then I want pay it. So I choose pay like guest and fill all arrays then press next step. Now I am in first step SUMMARY where are info about my address, but I found out that I wrote wrong email address for example insted [email protected] I wrote [email protected] Now I cant edit it, how can I edit my email as a guest? When I press step back in google chrome there is info the page canot by load. Also when I delete products in cart and add new there are refill info about my address (because of cookie I think) som I cant create order as a new guest. Help me with this issue, please.
  21. yes it appears very well, but there is for me one more problem how can I use it for more products ID ? {if $product.id_product==5} <img src="http://address.to.image.com/image.jpg" /> {/if} and if I want it for ID 7,8,9 what will be code?
  22. oh that fun with position:absolute and left: -100px it is okay and then with position:fixed and left: 100px it is okay, too omg Now everything is ok, you are really presta legend. One more time, thank you very much!
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