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After enabling SSL certificate backend works but front end doest. why?

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Hello. Until enabling ssl certificate my shop was working like a charm. but after enabling ssl certificate backend still works with https link  but frontend doest work at all . Also it automaticly redirects url to which is not proper at all. like this  https//site.com  in this url is missing. what can i do? i changed hundred times SEO&URL settings nothing helps.


this is admin panel it works4533a595ebb64c75a3de66e0c0c06077.png


but this is front end where it doenst work



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in the back office, SEO & URL page, make sure you only put the domain name in the SSL domain field.


There are 2 fields

Shop domain

SSL domain


Both should have the same value, and only the domain name, like...





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I share the solution that worked for me:

Preferences .> SEO & URLs > Disable Apache's MultiViews option : Set to NO.

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I got the similar issue, but I found the solution, thanks for bellini13's suggestion.

make sure "shop domain" & "ssl domain" in "Traffic & SEO" are the same domain. (in production environment, they should be the same)

however, in my test case, I setup http listen port 81, so, the setup will be:

Shop domain => presta.local:81

SSL domain => prestal.local

(Don't specify port 443 in SSL domain, however, you can specify HTTP port, this is very important)


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