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new article added - 504 timeout ngx - OVH hosting -


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Hi Community,


we launched our new Shop (www.scherenprofi.com) on 8th of April 2017. We recognize, that performance goes down. Actually, we have Performance pack 1 at OVH - https://www.ovh.de/hosting/performance-angebote.xml - with a boost option (at heavy traffic to performance 2, startet this morning at 05:52).


Since we added one new product yesterday (artcile no. , we have permanent time out errors as we want to log-in to our backend. 


Following error:  504 Gateway Time-Out, nginx


Does anyone has an idea?


The Shop-Frontend is online but performance is not good.


I am so frustrated...........


Best regards

MN, NTS-Solingen


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1) Did you read the server error logs (of ngnix) ? What are they saying ? Which memory_limit and max_execution_time/max_input_time is set on server ?


2) Which php-version is in use ? Perhaps you are using some non compatible module, writing errors. Activate debug mode as well and read if there are errors on top of your page (back- and front-office). https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/224525-how-to-turn-on-error-reporting-for-debug-information-blank-page-500-internal-server-error/

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