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We are currently struggling with a nasty bug in the order process. People sometimes can either not log in or can not complete order process. The issue happens to about 50% of our customers across all browsers and operating systems.


I have spent some hours trying to track down the issue. Here is what I have:



SSL enabled

Single Page Checkout

Browser: Safari, Firefox (desktop or mobile)

OS: Mac or Windows or iOS (all the same)

Smarty caching enabled. No other caching enabled.



- Visit the shop without identity cookie

- Put something in the basket

- Go to one page checkout

- Create a new account

- Enter these fields: email, password, firstname, lastname, birthday, address, postcode, city, country

- Save the form


In case you are lucky to get the error, an alert box will come up “Unable to send login informations"  (see screenshots). User is created but not logged in.


In Safari Developer Console I can see that /order-opc (schnell-bestellung in german) returns “Fatal Error” in this case. If this happens, order-opc.js:774 jumps into error callback and presents the alert box.


When I turn on DEV mode, I get a very long array on this route. I have attached screenshots. I do not have any related errors in apache error logs.


What came to my mind is that there might be some sort of race condition between authentication and login. As you can see on the screenshots, directly after authentication (authentifizierung) the order-opc POST is being called trying to execute "getAddressBlockAndCarriersAndPayments". This one fails with the "Fatal Error" return.




We just received a mail from one of our customers telling us that login was not possible for her, although user and password are correct. Deleting cookies sometimes helps. Other customers and me can login without any problems.


I am totally stuck. Please also check: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/436233-technical-error-unable-to-send-login-informations/


If you need further information please ask. I can provide more details.


Thank you for your help.








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Hello Floppy,

After many hours of research, I read your message and I have exactly the same problem for many months, have you managed to correct it and if yes so how please ?  

thank you so much for your help :)

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