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  1. This module allows you to update quantity or percentage, the prices of all products of a particular category. Can increase or decrease Tired of change product prices one by one when you manufacturer increase the prices? Mass price Update Plus is your solution, because the module let you to update all products prices by categorie Features[/size]: Apply price changes to products / combinations Apply price increase, decrease or new value Update product price selecting categories Update product price selecting manufacturers Update product combination price with attributes filter Update prices based on price ranges Multilingual Multistore link http://catalogo-onli...prestashop.html v1.8 - Compatible ps 1.5.1, added readme v1.9 - compatible ps 1.6 v2.0 - Bootstrap + code rewrited v2.1 - update price ranges Full version now support product combinations http://catalogo-onlinersi.net/en/prices-and-promotions/424-mass-price-update-plus.html Video masspricemysql.zip mysql version massprice.zipv 2.1
  2. This module shows a slide (like in iphone) that you need to scroll to unlock the form and send it. Usefull to avoid unwanted bots in your forms. The module can can hide the send button and send the form when you slide the captcha. * Support Ipad, iphone and tablet devices. Features:[/size] Cross browser Multilingual Multistore http://www.catalogo-...hop-module.html *updated to add the slide in any form *Fixed problem with accents *more secure for bots v1.5 - works on ps 1.5 v1.8 - Addjs updated to improve, redesign and improve the translation to unlock the form v2.0 - better translations, hide the send button v2.2 - solved issues v2.4 - Update to ps 1.6 v2.5- solved issue with layered navigation v3.0 - Bootstrap bo, Solved issue in PS 1.4 + new tutorial & readme v4.0 - compatible PS 1.7 Visit our site for latest version of the module and more free modules slidecaptcha.zip Version 1.0 slidecaptcha.zip Version 3.0 slidecaptcha.zip VErsion 3.0+NL lang slidecaptcha.zip V 4.0 Video: slidecaptcha.zip
  3. SizesChart displays a popup on the product page, completely configurable, so that customers know the size measurements, ideal for clothing stores. The module allows you to configure the content of the popup (accepts text, tables, images, etc.) and the categories where it will be displayed. Features : Cross browser Multilingual Multistore Link http://catalogo-onlinersi.net/en/add-ons-prestashop-modules/406-sizes-chart-prestashop-module.html Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tc09qkLF31s&feature=youtu.be sizeschart.zip v1.2 sizeschart.zip v2.0 sizeschart.zip v2.0.1
  4. v2.0-compatible PS 1.7 + seleccion por categorias + editor html
  5. SizesChart muestra un popup en la pagina de producto, completamente configurable, para que los clientes conozcan las medidas de tallas, ideal para tiendas de indumentaria. El módulo permite configurar el contenido del popup (acepta texto, tablas, imágenes, etc) y las categorias donde se mostrará. Caracteristicas : Cross browser Multilingue Multistore Link http://catalogo-onlinersi.net/es/complementos/406-carta-de-los-tamanos.html sizeschart.zip v2.0.1
  6. update to the latest version 2.0.1 and clear cache
  7. update to the latest version 2.0.1 and clear cache
  8. v2.0.1 -solved issue with blank content
  9. you need to configure in the module now, dont need to edit any file
  10. It is a module that allows you to modify the color of your PrestaShop 1.7 template from the back office, without modifying the source files. does not matter if you do not have design knowledge, you should only select the colors of the sections (buttons, links, header, etc) and the module will do the rest for you Features: Cross browser Multilingual Multistore Video: Visit our site to get more Free modules/themes colorchange.zip v1.0
  11. i dont css the js or css in the source code. try to go to design, positions and transplant the module to header and footer
  12. Hi. Did you fill the content in all languages?
  13. v2.0-compatible with PS 1.7 + select categories
  14. Size Chart

    its online again
  15. did you cleared cache in prestashop? i don't see the code: <div><div class="QapTcha"></div></div> in the source code of the page
  16. you have a jquery error in the contact form Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'indexOf' of undefined at contacte-nos:133 this looks like block the module
  17. Este módulo le permite mostrar bloque mi cuenta con la opción de inicio de sesión para usuarios registrados y el enlace para registrarse. Con este módulo, los usuarios pueden ingresar directamente en el bloque en la columna de la derecha/izquierda. Características: Cruz navegador Multilingüe del MULTISTORE Capacidad de respuesta Link http://catalogo-onlinersi.net/es/bloques/429-bloquear-mi-cuenta-con-login.html Video Visite nuestro sitio para las ultimas versiones de este modulo blockmyaccountl.zip blockmyaccountl.zip v1.3 blockmyaccountl.zip v3.0
  18. This module allows you to display block my account with the login option for registered users, and link to register. With this module, the users can login directly from the block in right/left column. Features: Cross browser Multilingual Multistore Responsive Video Visit our site for the latest version of this module blockmyaccountl.zip v1.3 blockmyaccountl.zip v2.0 blockmyaccountl.zip v3.0
  19. Hola. Debes colocar la clase css que poseen esas imagenes