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Orders missing in back office


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I am trying to fix an issue with missing orders from the online store.

My PS version is but I have made many custom changes and enhanced it.
Once I switched to a new hosting (virtual vps) I started having issues with orders going missing from the back office.
When I find the number of the order that is missing I receive an "Authorization accepted from PayPal" status of the order. I don't use a PayPal module, only cash on delivery or bank transfer. When I have a missing order with the PayPal status, I have to manually change the status to "Delivery" for the order to appear in the back office.
* If someone makes an order and it's not received if they submit a new one afterwards it's all fine.
* In some missing orders you can see the products but in others you can't
* When there is a missing order the client and I don't receive an e-mail acknowledgement of the receipt of the order (I have already stopped all spam blocking programs in my new hosting)
I ran quite a few tests and read everything I could find in the forum.
I'm hoping that you would be able to let me know what could be causing this problem and how I could fix it.

Best regards,

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