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1.7 can't login backend

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Thank you. I cannot tell you how frustrating this has been for me. I have spent weeks on this, installed from scratch over 20 times, etc.


This was the only thing that worked. I had tried so many other ways to fix this. I searched and searched for days, but refused to give up. I don't like posting unless I am out of options. And I was about to. But I found this. I had gone though soooo many and I don't know how I missed this. Hopefully adding some extra keywords might help (at the bottom).


Thank You Everyone



prestashop admin login after install 1.7 ps 17 back end backend reloads can't login problem


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I tried changing the 'locale' to AU - Nothing - Zero effect ...also these suggestions are from 2016 and it's 2022
(I assume this means that the APP is checking your IP against localization for security purposes...?? and yet that wouldn't make sense as you could serve your app from any server in the world not relevant to where you actually are..and what if you travel a lot)

In my opinion these suggestions don't seem to hold water anyway. Anyone can reply on a public forum without any actual skill level. Where are the opinions that actually matter? Where is the engagement from actual Prestashop developers..Do they even care about their own product?

What is relevant is that when you look into the Console window you can definitely see a 500 error and CrossDomain Policy failure which would certainly explain why you get rejected by security for the login. This really needs to be addressed by Prestashop as it's now version and I can see that this problem is NOT isolated, in fact it goes right back to version 1.6.x.

Seriously, this is just a simple install - it should work out of the box - I haven't even got to developing yet. 


>>>which brings me to my next point....error feedback should be switched on AS A DEFAULT out of the box and then deactivated once you have logged in to the back office. Instead you have a landing page with ZERO information as to why you are not able to login to your back office first go. Seriously this is baby stuff.



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