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  1. Good evening. It's version who runs on PHP 7.3, without any problems (so far) The admin-link is solved already
  2. Thank you for your reply El Patron But since this is my first try with a PrestaShop, I want to keep things as economical as possible. If this all works out very good, I have no problem with investing in software.
  3. Good afternoon Yes, the webshop for visitors is in Dutch, but the backend (for me) is in English. But I found it already. Because my backoffice is in English, I need to add the translations of the product. This also results in the webshop being multilanguage. I changed my admin profile to Dutch, and now the problem is solved. frontview and backoffice need to be in the same language for avoiding these problems
  4. ok, found the cause I installed my webshop in English (back-office), but I want my frontside to be in Dutch. I disabled all other languages, so it's a problem of translations. I need to activate English, and then I need to fill in the English name for the product, then it works. But then I also have a language bar, to choose languages in the webshop. But this I don't want So maybe I better delete all languages except Dutch, and make front- & back-office in the same language.
  5. still fighting with this problem The frontend is in Dutch The backend is in English I disabled all other languages. Thats seems to be the problem. But I can't figure it out...
  6. Goede morgen Ik ben een nieuwe installatie gestart. Mijn vorige topic met problemen is duidelijk verwijderd. Het eerste product dat ik ingeef, kan ik volledig invullen. Vanaf dat ik een 2de product maak, krijg ik in het overzicht steeds "N/A" te zien als productnaam. In de detailfiche van mijn product is deze wel ingevuld. Ook als bezoeker van de website, zie ik de naam staan. Daar merk je niets van de problemen. ik heb al geprobeerd van de cache te legen, en ook die van de browser. Dit brengt geen oplossing.
  7. Today I created a new shop, from scratch Like in the above picture, PHP 7.3 was recomended Now doing everything in FireFox First product goes perfect Second prodcut: the name goes N/A again and the SEO is empty. Clearing the cache makes no difference
  8. Is it possible to add just some text to the product details tab? I have put the info in the "description field", but it feels wrong. For example when you have food, it should be logical that you put some ingrediant-info. This shoudl be under the 'product details'-tab, and not in the "description". I tried already with the 'features", but that is too small I'm using the default template
  9. Found it already? I was also looking for it BO -> Improve -> International -> Locations -> Countries -> select your country and push EDIT -> on the bottem "display tax label" -> No Done!
  10. @Tengler I saw you posting this in another topic. For me, it was installed on PHP 7.3, otherwise I have lots of messages for my website if I go PHP 7.2 or earlier. I will try to install the shop again, and use it in Firefox instead of Chrome If I check my PHP extensions for PHP 7.2 / 7.3 or 7.4 CURL:: not in the list DOM: activated Fileinfo: activated GD: activated Intl: activated Mbstring: activated Zip: activated
  11. I installed the module "PrestaShop Cleaner", and deleted all data in my database. cleared the cache, and tried to add new products it's still the same in the catalog. The name stays: "N/A" and the SEO-url is empty So I guess this webshop is completly lost
  12. I tried in Firefox, but still the same errors. I guess the database is so messed up, this can't be fixed anymore.
  13. I have on my domain a large Joomla website,. This Prestashop was something extra. My website operates on PHP 7.4. But since Prestashop is not working with it, I downgraded to 7.3 If I downgrade to 7.2, my Joomla website is sending me warnings, that it's outdated, and I need to upgrade.
  14. I will give it a try later in Firefox or Edge, and see what happens. I'm using Chrome for the moment.
  15. Yes, installed from scratch. PHP is downgraded to 7.3, because I wasn't able to install it on 7.4
  16. Like I said in my opening post, I used the "reset URL" in the SEO-tab -> no difference Adding the reference -> no diverence In the original product, the reference-field was blank, and the seo-link was correct The moment I started to duplicate, it went wrong in every possible way And... I can't save the product, after adding the refference. I get the red banner at the top left: "unable to safe settings"'.
  17. and, sorry for asking, how do you explain that every new created product give me the name "N/A" in the catalog. whatever product I create, It's in the BO never in a decent way. Front-end is OK
  18. there is nothing imported. The first product was created manually, the others were duplicated There is only 1 language in my shop. all others are disabled. I have no clue how to change the url. That's the whole point
  19. Also today.... If I add a new product and a fuly filled-in datasheet I get: * in the products catalog in the backend, the name of the new product is: N/A * in the SEO field, there is no name in the URL
  20. Good morning Yes I cleared the cache. No results... Today, I am on another computer.... It's still not working .... AND .... I can't update any product. Not the first, nor the 6 duplicates. After pressing 'save' I always get a red banner: "unable to save settings". For each product, there were combinations. They are also gone. When I look into "attributes & featers", it is there. Also when I go to the website, everything is there.
  21. I have 7 different products in a category. They are almost the same. So I created 1 product, added all data and saved it. Then I wanted to duplicate it 6 times, so I only needed to change pictures & prizes. Now, duplicating is no problem but .... The productname I can change, but when I have my catalog overview in the BO, I always have "copy of product". For all 6 duplicated products. When you look at the frontside of the webshop, as a customer, the name is OK. The SEO of each product also goes wrong with the URL in the preview. The productname is ok, but the URL always refers to the original product. I tried to reset the 'friendly URL', which gives me the product name, but it doesn't changes in the preview. Also changing meta title or description makes no difference. Changing the text in the summary and description in the basic settings also makes no difference. Please advice.
  22. Ik heb de oplossing gevonden in een ander taal-forum (of hoe je dit ook zegt)
  23. Good morning If I want to go to my adminpanel: www.domain.be/admin I get: "the page you are looking for was not found". And there it stops. No idea to get back to the loginform I'm running version (I guess) on PHP 7.3 I tried to rename the "gamafication" folder, but no solution.
  24. Good morning If I want to go to my adminpanel: www.domain.be/admin I get: "the page you are looking for was not found". And there it stops. No idea to get back to the loginform I tried to rename the "gamafication" folder, but everything stays the same.
  25. Good morning If I want to go to my adminpanel: www.domain.be/admin I get: "the page you are looking for was not found". And there it stops. No idea to get back to the loginform
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