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Multiple catalogs, each with it's language

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I'm trying to use PrestaShop to launch an online store from 4 printed catalogs. Each of these catalogs is in a different language and has a common product base. But each have also it's own set of products.


So, I need to able to create each of these catalogs on Backoffice, with some products that exist on all 4 catalogs and some specific products that only exist on it's specific catalog. Also, each of these catalogs must be located in it's specific language.


On the front-end, i need a language dropdown or language menu that, on language selection shows the respective catalog.


I thought I could do this with multi-store feature, but don't know how to link a specific language to a specific store. Thought also on using categories for this, but I don't think I can "isolate" categories for a single language.


Thanks for any advice.

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From your requirements, I think you can use current PrestaShop with multiple languages with one shared catalogue.

By default, all products will be displayed for any language selected by customer.


The only problem is that you want to filter out the products with based on language.

I think you will need to extend product entry by adding new field "locale" to indicate that the products is for a specific locale (language).


Then you will need to override related classes to modify the query that retrieve products (list) by adding a new condition in sql statement.

And also modify product editing page to allow choose locale of each product.


The implementation is simple, but tedious.


Hope this helps.

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Yes, it helped, and I'm thinking of implementing your suggestion. My other option would be to make each catalog its own store (multi-store). Each store would be configured with a different language and have its set of products. Can I create a kind of language menu that would link to each store (even if with hard-coded links)?


Just wondering if possible and if so, which solution is the simpler, due to deadline issues.



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Try this:


you would need to build multishop that shared all products etc across shops at build, then disable product on a by shop basis, i.e. domain by language


you can test by creating subodomains easily enough to see how your product idea will fit across.  for example fr.yourdomain.com for French.


That's my idea to try...let us know how you get along.

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On 4/16/2016 at 12:52 PM, charles.arnot said:

Hey, your idea is appreciable and good as well. Please check the following link; I do not say that it will help you with the best idea, but it might be helpful for you.



checked it very nice 

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