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  1. You may not need all of those modules mentioned. We also offer volume discount if you purchase them together. Check out online store for more details.
  2. Yes, you can disable this feature. It is in a separate module - Agile Seller Tools, in that module you seller can import products via csv data. Yes, they are separated modules. After payment, the shopping cart will be split into multiple orders, based on products each seller will have its own order. Shipping fee is calculated based on split order for each shipping carrier, we assume the products will be shipped separately. Or can a customer be forced to complete a sale if trying to order from two different vendors? Yes, each seller will receive emails for their own orders. No, the commission will be calculated once the payment is accepted. Please be noted, you will need the accessory module - agile seller commission module. Yes, this requires accessory module agile seller shipping.
  3. Some features of the module will not work properly without custom code starts from PrestaShop 1.7.6. since the reasons mentioned the above. No. We do not have a plan to update the module to PrestaShop 1.7.6 or higher.
  4. thanks for using our modules. You will need to upgrade the modules to latest version so that you can use new version of modules for PrestaShop 1.7x. Please contact [email protected] for more details on how to upgrade and discuss on how to migrate data.
  5. It was only for old version of PrestaShop, it not available for 1.7. Higher version of PrestaShop can create orders from shopping cart directly.
  6. thanks for your inquiry. this module is an accessory module of agile multiple seller module. It only supports Shipping Carriers that configured with PrestaShop sipping carrier wizard. So I do not think it will work with your DHL module that has live rates.
  7. you may also consider to use our agile multiple seller module and related accessory modules to implement your requirements. one seller (author) can have as many books as you want. You can find the module here. https://addons-modules.com/store/en/marketplace-modules-all/21-agile-prestashop-multiple-seller-vendor-module.html You can also find the topic in this forum here https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/464878-module-agile-multiple-sellervendormarketplace-module-for-prestashop-171615/?page=999
  8. thanks for your inquiry. No, you cannot use the SAME email address for multiple/different sellers. Email address is used to identify seller, so it cannot use the same address.
  9. As I said previously, we did not receive your any information that you mentioned in your message posted here. If your had sent that to us, we would have sent you related files in open code. If you would like to get related files in open code, please send your request to [email protected] with detailed information. Note - we will not send our whole core module package in open code, this is the same to all our customers. I hope I have made it clear.
  10. we never received such email as you mentioned. I double searched our email history again and using the keyword "seller_payment_uses" and "R01787CB5A57D47DC8A648998E4A6512C", never get any result. Based on above info, you need look into the payment module, which we already gave you the open code package you request. Not sure what you are trying to do. If you really want to solve the problem, you need provide information we required so that we can help.
  11. Yes, we obfuscate our core files of our modules and we will provide related files in open code for your customisation purpose - this is included in our Terms & Conditions. We have sent you open code package of accessory module you requested. And then you requested the core module package in open code, we offered you to give you related files in open code instead if the whole package if you tell us in details what you wanted to do, but you did not provide required info.
  12. thanks for using our modules. As long as you have enabled IPN, the module will pass by the URL of IPN when send payment info to Paypal. So support Tlsv2 , first of all, you server must upgraded to support Tlsv2. As I mentioned previously, the module you are using are very old, you will need to upgrade your module to make is compatible with Tlsv2.
  13. You are using very old version of PrestaShop and the modules, it was more than 7 year old. We do not have update for the module for PrestaShop 1.3x, but we can help to update the module on your store directly. but it will be paid service. Please contact [email protected]
  14. thanks for using our modules. what is the version of the module and what is the version of your PrestaShop?
  15. The following error happens if you use PrestaShop or higher but use Agile Multiple Seller module or lower. The issue has been fixed in new released version of our modules. Seller virtual shop has 500 internal server error - Attempted to load class from namespace "PrestaShop\PrestaShop\Adapter\...
  16. Module Update - the module has been updated with following changes and fix. Fix - Javascript error "currentmenuid is undefined" when seller does not have valid membership (membership integration) Fix - "Seller Signup" link appears 2 time on seller summary page when membership module integrated is selected. Change - Improve installation of large amount of override classes/controllers to avoid installation related issues.
  17. Module update: We have found an bug with One Click Checkout with product with attribute combinations - it always the default combination is ordered even user choose different combination. This issue only happens to the latest version of Agile Prepaid Credit token module for PrestaShop 1.7x - the best prepaid/prepayment solution for PrestaShop store.
  18. Module Update: We have found an bug and fixed - Stripe payment calculation issues when using "Charge Via Platform" option - it was caused by API changed in agile multiple seller module recently.
  19. We have conversation via private message. here is just to update the status of the topic. Our agile stripe marketplace module is designed and implemented for Agile Multiple Seller based marketplace. It does not support for other marketplaces. Currently it only support Connect Standard. You do not have to install Stripe API since our module will include required version of API when it is installed. Sellers have to create Stripe by themselves. And sellers also have to authorise their Stripe accounts to connect with store (marketplace platform) via a link from your store.
  20. Module - update: We found an issue and fixed the error on Account History page at front store - My Account - My Seller Account -Account History page. This error only happens when you using latest version of the agile multiple seller module.
  21. New version of the module is released Version - 2018.02.15 Fixed - Items name in Paypal was displayed as "Goods%22Service" instead of "Goods/Service" Feature - Configurable to allow shipping addresss selection on Paypal site during payment. Fixed - Buyer shipping address was not passed to Paypal.
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