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  1. made some changes to multiple seller module Change - Change to use encoded order reference instead of numeric order ID in the URL of link to order details pages. Change - Change to show encoded order reference instead of order ID seller commission history and other places.
  2. the modules has been updated to fix following error - this only happens for the module for PrestaShop 1.6x, There was an error when you access category page which only happens when your PrestaShop database table prefix is different "ps_".
  3. we have just released a new version of the module for both PrestaShop 1.6x and 1.7x to fix following issues. Fix - if there is no free trial membership type is selected, an error(warning) will appears when you add new customer account. Please note: this issue only happens when you do not seller any free trial membership type at agile membership module configuration. It will show a warning message when a new customer account is added. and the warning message only appears when you run your store under DEV DEBUG mode. Otherwise there should not be a problem.
  4. We have added following new feature to the accessory module - agile multiple shop module. The new feature will show a new filter on seller virtual shop home page to filter products by categories. This new feature is currently only available for PrestaShop 1.6x, but we will also implement that on PrestaShop 1.7x shortly.
  5. Found a small issue under HTTPS environment and fixed as following: Fix - under HTTPS environment, the processing image was URL was not in HTTPS so it causes page warning on Firefox.
  6. Module update - we have updated the module with following updates Version - 2017.11.25 Fix - At front store - My Membership, the date picker calender for membership pause does not reflect the user selected language. Fix - back office Membership tab, the "pause start date" was not displayed correctly. Change - If the member has paused membership, as long as it has remaining days, the membershiop can be resumed even it has passed expiry date.
  7. Module Agile Multiple Shop update - Found following 2 bugs in this module, it has been updated. Fix - Shop By Location function does not work properly. It always shows product not found and prompt for search. Fix - Quick View was not working on seller virtual shop page - product list
  8. Agile Multiple Seller module update: Found following 2 minor bugs in PrestaShlp 1.7x and it has been fixed. Fix - Front store - seller management panel - Error message translation issue on managament pages from our modules. Fix - Front store - Seller management panel - at product editing page, the product price displayed with 4 floating decimals
  9. We have found a bug and fixed it in this module - agile seller shipping module. This issue happens in both PrestaShop 1.6x/1.7x environments. Fix - Front - Seller Management Panel - Shipping - when seller add new price/weight range under HTTPS environment, there is javascript error.
  10. A new issue was found for this product when latest version of PrestaShop - Shop By Location function does not work properly. It always show no product found unless you choose all locations option. The above issue has been fixed.
  11. An issues with new version of PrestaShop found with accessory module Agile Multiple Shop module - Shop By Location function does not work properly. It always show no product found unless you choose all locations option. The issue has been fixed and will be release in next version.
  12. New version release of this module Version - 2017.10.15 Fix - Front- Seller Management Panel - Products ta - when you allow seller to copy products from store (public product templates), it does not work properly. Fix - Front Store - Seller Management Panel - Products tab: Validation of Name/Friendly URL field of product editing page Fix - Pagination issue on front store seller virtual shop page and products listing pages.
  13. Module update: Front Store - Seller Management Panel - Products tab We have added validation of Name/Friendly URL field of product editing page to preventing product image displaying issue on front product listing pages. PrestaShop 1.7x uses product Friendly URL (link rewrite) field in the product image URL, if friendly URL was not entered for specific language, then the product images will not be displayed when use choose that language on front store.
  14. Module update: Version - 2017.09.11 Fix - Front - Seller Management Panel - Shipping - When seller creates a new shipping carrier with free shipping and save, it does not redirect properly.
  15. this module has been updated to fix and issue related seller virtual shop theme related issues for PrestaShop 1.7x Version - 2017.10.09 Fix - Related to multiple shop module with multiple themes - when a new seller is signed up, default theme assigned will be go back go "basic".