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White Product Image After Import


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I have succesfully done hundreds of CSV imports into my Prestashop store, but now I'm stuck with a problem I never saw before.


Some of the product images are white after import. For the same product, some images are fine, some are completely white. They are not missing, they are just generated as white images.


In fact, the source file that Prestashop is using to generate the different sized thumbnails is white, even if the source file on the origin server is ok.


The images are imported from different external locations, so it's not related to that.


I was guessing that the original image filesize is a problem, but it doesn't seem to be directly related to the filesize. Instead, after I checked 10 products, I discovered that if the source image is bigger or equal to 1000x1000 pixels this is happening.



What could be the problem?



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