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Physical Store - How To Print Daily Sales Report Receipt?


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Hello community and developers.


How do you print a daily sales report in Prestashop?


In physical stores in Germany which use a cash register, a daily so called "Z-Bon" (Z-receipt) is absolutely mandatory. I am sure this is the case all over the world.


This is a receipt which every cash register in every store has to have, and it has to be printed daily when the business day is over. These receipts have to be kept for 10 years - in paper form or digitally - in case the tax office asks to know (which they will).


We are selling both online and in a physical store. The online part is no problem and for physical store customers we use a Prestashop module which has a generic Prestashop user ("Store-User") so our coworkers doing the finances can easily define which purchase was online and which was in the store. All purchases, in the store and online, are regular orders in our Prestashop Orders section. The Store-User can pay via either cash or credit card (our store clerk picks this when creating the order).


The module just creates a specially designed receipt that we print with a receipt printer which in return opens our cash drawer in the store (for online orders we print a regular A4 size invoice). This is so that we don't need to print an invoice or picking list for each customer in the store, store customers just want a small receipt.


The thing is, we need Prestashop to daily print a report with the following from only the store customer purchases:


1) Name of our company

2) Daily store turnover (excl. VAT and incl. VAT)

3) Z-Number (A unique daily number for each daily total receipt, each day this number increases by 1)

4) Sum of cancelled purchases and returns

5) Way of payment (cash, credit card)

6) Number of store customers (may be a continous number, or reset daily)


These six points are absolutely mandatory by the tax office in Germany.


How would we best go about doing this?


Thousands of merchants must have had the need for this already as many have both a store and an online shop, so is this functionality already built into Prestashop but we didn't find it?


Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance.


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No need to be sorry. Every country and every customer has different requirements.


I did several similar (not the same) templates for the M4 PDF Extensions module:



http://www.presta-addons.com/pdf/Tax report.pdf

http://www.presta-addons.com/pdf/Orders - preview.pdf


and I am sure that all your needs can be met through a custom template.

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