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  1. That's great! May I ask, which version of PrestaShop are you using? In your PrestaShop General Preferences, how have you set your "round mode" and "round type"? Which version of PayPal are you using? Thank you!
  2. Hallo zusammen, ich habe eine Frage zum Thema Checkbox-Integration wegen Datenschutz, und zwar: https://www.onlinehaendler-news.de/recht/rechtsfragen/11215-email-adresse-kunden-transportunternehmen-weitergeben.html Unsere Kunden werden direkt vom Paketdienstleister kontaktiert (mit einen Paketverfolgungslink). Wir brauchen, neben die AGB, einen Opt-In Check-Box wie z.B.: "Ich stimme zu, dass meine Mailadresse zwecks meiner Information über den Versandstatus an UPS weitergegeben wird". Ich frage mich, wie kann ich sowas in der Art in PrestaShop ( integrieren? Es ist, glaube ich, keine Standardfunktion. Besten Dank.
  3. Hi rtkjeldsen, I'm bumping your thread, because I would like something like this as well. Physical vouchers are a very good thing in some branches of trade, and I sadly didn't find any module or solution for PrestaShop... One question I have is: If the customer buys product X (any normal product) and then also buys a gift voucher, can they be delivered to different addresses? Because maybe the customer wants product X for herself and then send a gift voucher to somebody else. A way would be to add a separate address field for this specific product, but I couldn't find a solution for this. I would also like the possibility to get an email notification when this particular product is bought, a separate "heads up" mail to the shop admin, to know a special product has been sold. Another thought: I suppose gift vouchers should always have 0% tax, since the products which are later bought for the voucher all have tax on them? Otherwise tax would be doubled. Can anyone share some insights? Is anyone already doing this? How?
  4. Sorry for bumping this old threat but your advise is excellent and I wanted to say thanks! I have a question though - I want to export all categories and include their text descriptions, but they are in html format with some language specific html characters (such as é) and hence the semi-colon character completely garbles up the exported file since semicolon seems to be the csv cell separator. How can I export it with another character as cell delimiter? Thanks!
  5. Thanks rocky! Neat. Is there a reasonably easy way to insert a regular product listing here instead of this? The reason I ask is because my theme already put the "same category" on the product page but a bit further down on the page, and it would be nice to have a regular product category list (the sold out products complete parent category) displayed directly below the error message.
  6. Sorry for the late answer. I have updated to the current Prestools (1.10l), and still have this problem. I have indeed had Prefs > Products set to Position within category since the beginning. Also, for me the products in visual sort are displayed in reverse order (top products in the shop frontend are at the bottom in visual sort), can I change that? So: The product order is correct but reversed and can not be altered.
  7. I tried these changes on but it didn't work for me. I saw someone had uploaded the changed files for in another (Polish) thread but those files are no longer available for download. Does anyone know how to achieve this on That version is already quite old but we can not upgrade at the moment and this would be a great feature for our customers.
  8. We use our invoices as picking lists. By us, in 95% of the cases, only 1 item per product is purchased, and when it's two or more, it happens that we oversee it. I wanted to highlight the quantity field (similar to how it is highlighted in the backoffice order page). I did it this way: Open /themes/pdf/invoice.tpl Find {$order_detail.product_quantity} replace it with: {if $order_detail.product_quantity > 1} <div style="color: #ffffff; background-color: #000000"> {$order_detail.product_quantity} </div> {else} {$order_detail.product_quantity} {/if} Stupid simple, of course. This creates a black background with white text for any items with 2 or more purchased. Maybe there is a nicer way to do this and to present it in a prettier way, for those into design (those 's are nasty, I know). But it works and I just thought I would share it. It would be neat if this was the default behaviour of PrestaShop, or at least available as an option for delivery slips and invoices.
  9. For reference, I added: {if $order->recyclable} <b>Recycling</b> {/if}<br /> {if $order->total_wrapping > 0} <b>Gift</b> {/if} Into invoice.tpl, and it seems to work fine. Thank you tuk66!
  10. Hallo. Ich hoffe ich bin in dieses Unterforum richtig. Wenn wir Prestashop für Onlineverkauf benutzen aber auch in ein physisches Ladengeschäft, wie können wir täglich ein Z-Bon erstellen (fürs Finanzamt erforderlich)? Ins Ladengeschäft geht es ja um Bargeld. Wir drucken eine Quittung pro Kauf im Laden aus und der Drucker öffnet automatisch unser Kassenlade, aber bei so eine Lösung gibt es kein Z-Bon-Funktion wie auf eine alte klassische manuelle Kassenlade. Hier mehr zum Thema, auf Englisch (da deutsch nicht meine Muttersprache ist): https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/504337-physical-store-how-to-print-daily-sales-report-receipt/ Erfahrungen jemand? Vielen Dank im Voraus.
  11. Hello community and developers. How do you print a daily sales report in Prestashop? In physical stores in Germany which use a cash register, a daily so called "Z-Bon" (Z-receipt) is absolutely mandatory. I am sure this is the case all over the world. This is a receipt which every cash register in every store has to have, and it has to be printed daily when the business day is over. These receipts have to be kept for 10 years - in paper form or digitally - in case the tax office asks to know (which they will). We are selling both online and in a physical store. The online part is no problem and for physical store customers we use a Prestashop module which has a generic Prestashop user ("Store-User") so our coworkers doing the finances can easily define which purchase was online and which was in the store. All purchases, in the store and online, are regular orders in our Prestashop Orders section. The Store-User can pay via either cash or credit card (our store clerk picks this when creating the order). The module just creates a specially designed receipt that we print with a receipt printer which in return opens our cash drawer in the store (for online orders we print a regular A4 size invoice). This is so that we don't need to print an invoice or picking list for each customer in the store, store customers just want a small receipt. The thing is, we need Prestashop to daily print a report with the following from only the store customer purchases: 1) Name of our company 2) Daily store turnover (excl. VAT and incl. VAT) 3) Z-Number (A unique daily number for each daily total receipt, each day this number increases by 1) 4) Sum of cancelled purchases and returns 5) Way of payment (cash, credit card) 6) Number of store customers (may be a continous number, or reset daily) These six points are absolutely mandatory by the tax office in Germany. How would we best go about doing this? Thousands of merchants must have had the need for this already as many have both a store and an online shop, so is this functionality already built into Prestashop but we didn't find it? Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello. I have a question about the options gift wrapping and recycled packaging. We use both these options, but they are quite easy to miss during the packing process. We only use invoices (not delivery slips) and now we have to look at the order page in the backoffice and manually write a note by hand if for example the customer chose recycled packaging. I would like to put this information somewhere on the invoice. How would I go about doing that? Optimally, I would just want a small code such as for example "G Y/N" (for gift) and "R Y/N" (for recycled) printed somewhere on the invoice with Y or N depending on the customer's choice. We use PS Thank you.
  13. Can anyone share some insight on this? Is it even technically possible to do what vekia suggests in post #2? Or are there any other solutions, such as a temporary reservation somehow? For example: Add to cart reserves it for 15 minutes. Especially during special sales we have noticed it is not unusual to happen and it is always very bad to let a customer know we can not deliver what they legitimately ordered (when the software is to blame...).
  14. Hi musicmaster, this looks like a handy tool, thank you! If I change the product sort order from within a subcategory (for example I tried randomizing the order), submit the changes (with verbose to verify), clean my backend cache - it still does not make any changes in my shop frontend. Maybe it's not related to this script, but perhaps you know about this error and can direct me in the right direction for solving it? I saw your post in this thread, using your script however doesn't solve it, and I am unsure what you mean about Triple Edit assigning new position numbers. I am using PrestaShop Thanks.
  15. obewanz, did you ever find a solution to this nasty bug? Is it related to only? Anyone know of a fix?
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