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PrestaShop: Improved Customer Password Recovery

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In case anyone is interested, I wrote up my override of the PrestaShop "forgotten password" feature.


My objections to the standard method...

  • Two emails to the client are needed. Not all emails arrive instantly, so this can slow down a customer that wants to do business with you.
  • A password is being sent as plain text to the user.
  • The password auto-generated by PrestaShop is hard for the user to remember.
  • The customer's secure key is sent out as plain text (it's the "token" parameter in the URL of the first email).

Comments and criticisms welcomed.




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Hi Bellini,


Ummm, do you think so? Wow, I'm flattered, I guess LOL (literally) ;->  I know the concept of contributing to an open source project, but I've never done so - I was just trying to scratch my itch.


I'll take a look after work to so how to go about it. Thanks for the push.


Have a good one,


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I'm curious, why not just submit these changes to their Forge so they can be included in the next core release of Prestashop?


Hi Bellini13,


Before doing a large pull request, I started small with a one line fix of a clear bug I found in the order confirmation process to see how this all worked. From there came into contact with Maxime, a core developer, who was lightning fast at responding to my pull request, and pointed out that the development branch already had what appears to be a very similar approach to forgotten passwords.


For those interested in doing pull requests, currently bug fixes should go to the 1.6.1.x branch, and new features to the development branch.




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