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  1. [WARNING] Module sendtoafriend create a SPAM backdoor !

    This is an old thread, as far as I know it has been addressed. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/544578-major-security-issues-with-few-modules-and-themes/
  2. Can't Permanently Save Page Layout

    Why does YAML forbid tabs? Tabs have been outlawed since they are treated differently by different editors and tools. And since indentation is so critical to proper interpretation of YAML, this issue is just too tricky to even attempt. Indeed Guido van Rossum of Python has acknowledged that allowing TABs in Python source is a headache for many people and that were he to design Python again, he would forbid them. http://www.yaml.org/faq.html So when adding entry's use spaces not tabs.
  3. Can't Permanently Save Page Layout

    The good news is that themes\classic\config\theme.yml is the default settings file. Simply find this section and add the change there. For example I added "product: layout-right-column". The problem I had is that .yml files seem to be very fussy about how the info is structured. When you add a new page in the list it has to be entered perfectly inline with the rest of the entry's or you'll get error 500 loading your web site. Removing the entry restores your site. I basically had to cut & past one of the entry's that already existed and then edit that. Weird but a good work around until this is fixed. theme_settings: default_layout: layout-full-width layouts: product: layout-right-column category: layout-left-column best-sales: layout-left-column new-products: layout-left-column prices-drop: layout-left-column contact: layout-left-column
  4. Can't Permanently Save Page Layout

    When you change the theme layout an override file is created \app\cache\prod\themes\classic\shop1.json When cache is cleared \classic\shop1.json is deleted. I have not yet found where the default settings for Classic are stored. Not in the database where you might expect and dosen't seem to be in theme.yml So the only work around I know is if you need to change default theme columns, do not use the clear cache button. Manually delete cache files if needed. If anyone knows where the code is that controls using a file in a temporary cache for settings that are important and permanent please let me know. It would be easy to have the shop1.json file written elsewhere, but the logic to use that file would need to be corrected as well. Also backup \app\cache\prod\themes\classic\shop1.json if you accidently clear the cache you can restore settings by restoring \app\cache\prod\themes\classic\shop1.json with your backup. You will need to also recreate the directory "\classic\" as well.
  5. Can't Permanently Save Page Layout

    Ok, already reported here, http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/BOOM-3222 This bug has existed from beginning. They hope to fix it by PS So currently we are testing PS - October 14, 2017 According to release cycle, PS was to be released in August 2017, so we are far behind. Just have to wait it out. I need the right column on my product page. http://build.prestashop.com/news/announcing-our-2017-release-schedule/
  6. Can't Permanently Save Page Layout

    I can save the change to page layout, for example add a right side column. It will save until I clear cache and then revert back to full page default. I haven't yet tried adding content to the column. Perhaps that would make it stick. However, this does seem to be a bug. If I save layout as 2 column it should remain 2 column after clearing smarty. PS Default Classic Default modules only
  7. Problem with cart updating in prestashop 1.7.2

    I can only say it is working find for me on classic theme. I had also tried a third party theme and I could not delete items from the cart. I already have taken down the third party theme so I can't try the solution suggested by kornwaikas
  8. "Display all pictures" not showing in 1.7 ?

    Before 1.7, Prestashop would use all images. This required all image thumbnails to be downloaded. Not a good thing when your product has over 30 colors. Now it only downloads the image thumbnails that you assign to the selected combination. You can still emulate the old behavior by assigning all images to your default combination. Simply put the image you want as the "cover" to the beginning of your images. For the rest of your combinations just assign only the images that matter. Now when you choose your combos, you may display multiple images for each combo, and have all images show when the default combo is selected. To create a restore all images link, just create a link to your default combo. Put that link wherever you like. This is where a module like HTML Box PRO comes in very handy. It lets you put HTML almost anywhere you want without modifying your theme. https://mypresta.eu/modules/front-office-features/html-box-pro.html
  9. PrestaShop 1.7 is now available!

    lol ... I can image they were happy to learn that they no longer needed to dial in through AOL! Not to mention the new color images! Much better than the old black & white
  10. How do I add an attribute outside of combinations?

    No it is not possible to do that. You can however purchase a module that allows you to make bulk edits to your Attributes, including adjusting price. For example I need to charge $2.00 more for size 2XL. https://www.google.ca/search?q=Prestashop+bulk+attribute+modules&oq=Prestashop+bulk+attribute+modules&aqs=chrome..69i57.13487j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  11. preatashop 1.7 1-Click Upgrade md5 error

    Have you checked file permissions? In your admin(folder) > autoupgrade Check that all folders have permissions of 0755 and all files have 0644
  12. PrestaShop 1.7 is now available!

    PS was the version that finally turned the corner for me. Upgraded to PS today no trouble. Testing on PHP version: 7.1.9 MySQL version: 10.3.1-MariaDB Windows Server 2016 Google page speed score of 100% using PHP OpCache and Google's pagespeed modules installed. With HTTP/2 on SSL no longer need CCC of CSS & JS. No need to inline CSS or JS. With more and more hosting now using HTTP/2 we really need to start thinking differently about optimisation. Prestashop needs to start encouraging best practices for current optimization in the back office. I love the Classic theme and plan to stick with it.
  13. cannot duplicate products - 1.7.2 - "http error 500"

    Read & write file permissions are controlled outside applications. You can check and set file permissions usually via the control panel provided by your host. Or you may need to contact your host. The permissions usually need to be set correctly in order to install Prestashop. You can also edit a file to turn on error output, the file is called defines.inc.php located in the directory called /config Look for line define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false); Change false to true Then try to "duplicate" again, in that mode it may give more information when the error happens. Unfortunately this is not always the case and you may not see anymore info, but it is really one of the first things you can do to try to track the cause of a problem.
  14. Cant turn on Combinations

    Are you using multistore? If so try doing it one shop at a time.