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Multisite shop name translation


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I've a multisite configuration, with multiple zones and multiple shop,

corresponding to all my shops around the world, in different languages.


But the shop name is unique, with no translations options. 


What is the best option to translate this "shop name" ?



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I find a solution. 

My initial problem is to make a single translated selector for countries + countries languages.


Each countries where a shop exists is a Shop entity, with languages supported in this country.

also, each of this Shops have a virtual_uri, based on iso_code.


And so, I map the virtual_uri converted as iso_code with the Countries table, who is translated. 

But it's a trick :)


thank you.

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I have a similar problem, i have a single shop but sell both in france and spain. I would like to hange the name of my shop in france so that the title of the tabs in the web browser and the one that appears in search engine is different from the one in spain. 

Does anyone know how to do this?


Thank you

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