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Description of Product Information open in two languages.


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Hello guys.


I'm having a hard time to have the two languages description fields open all time without the need to clic on the flag.


I've duplicated the code of the description but when i save i does not keep the modifications.


Can someone help me with this


I'm using prestashop

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I'm pretty sure you can do it if you amend the informations.tpl file in the admin folder, themes/default/template/controllers/products
There should be your description.

<td style="padding-bottom:5px;">
{include file="controllers/products/textarea_lang.tpl"
<p class="clear"></p>

{include file="controllers/products/textarea_lang.tpl" languages=$languages

You can change this and add your boxes manually instead, one for each language, but make sure you keep the right names
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