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Hi, I need my Prestashop 1.6 can filter both categories and tags. The faceted navigation module does not include the tags to filter, so not worth it. I need that once filtered by tags, the resulting products can also filter your view by category.


I also tried to see if through the URL grabbed me, type:


Can anybody help me?


Thank you.

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The simplest way would be to rename all the text references for Brand/Manufacturer to "Outlet", store the "outlet" as the brand and store the "brand/manufacturer" as a tag (again appropriately named in the theme) - that way you can use the built-in layered navigation.


EDIT: The only downside is that you can have only 1 "outlet" value which may not work for you.

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Hmm. I obviously misunderstood. To be honest since you can have multiple categories for a product I don't really see how this feature would be that useful in most cases. You're in danger of using tags as just a second, separate category structure.


Another way could be by using features - I've used these before and filtered with them. They are actually quite powerful in their own right and often overlooked.

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