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Adding an image to Prestashop´s background

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On of the negative differences that I see with prestashop over other competitors like wordpress is the inability to add a background image with easiness. After looking on different forums I saw that there is not a general rule that can ve applied to all cases. Personally I found this to be the most effective:


On themes\default-bootstrap\css global.css and add this code under body, background color:


body, #page, header, footer, .columns-container {
background: #FFF url('../img/backgroundimage.jpg') !important; }
After uploading the backgroundimage.jpg to themes\default-bootstrap\img  
However even with this option I found two problems: the image is not added to the footer and if the background image is big to cover all the areas, it will just not show up at all, but it will show many small squares with an interrogation symbol in the middle that leaded me to think that everything was set to accept one small image; after trying a small image for the background (3square inches) the background image filled the previously shown empty squares and it showed up repiting itself all over the background.
Anyone knows how to fix these issues: image on footer as well, and bypassing small images rule so that it can be added a big image that can cover all header, body and footer??
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