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Mixing Prestashop orders with orders from other marketplaces


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Hi All,


I've embarked on a mission to build a module that allows me to manage orders from another marketplace within Prestashop.


I'm sure this has been done before but I'd like to know if it's possible (or desireable or even a good idea) to mix those orders with my own Prestashop orders.


What known solutions exists and what are their up- and downsides?


Some sound advice would be more than welcome :)



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It looks like you want to manage all those orders on one place. You can do it also elsewhere - Dolibarr, Oddo, ...


Thanks for your response, but I really want to do this within Prestashop.

It is possible. Take a model on Amazon Market Place or the free ebay module. Orders are placed there, synchronized with Prestashop and you can manage all from PS back-office, by sync them again with Amazon or ebay for shipping and delivery status.

Cool! I'll have a look at the ebay module. (I like free :P)

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