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PayPal module wrong currency (ex)changing in 'use only default currency' mode !

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I already wrot post about this issue in another subforum but here it might be more suitable place for it.


As post title says:


PayPal module wrongly (ex)changes currency when set to 'use only default currency' mode !


Sample product price in store default currency 100XXX (XXX = some curency)

Same product price after changing store currency to other 25YYY (YYY = some other currency)


If customer do checkout when shopping cart is in default currency, PayPal express checkout gets correct price pased from store - 100XXX


If customer do checkout when shopping cart is switched to other currency, PayPal checkout gets incorrect price passed from store - 25XXX !! (should be either 25YYY or 100XXX).


So in store some product cost either 100PLN (default currency) or 25EUR (after changing store currency). But when customer do checkout when store cart is in EUR, PayPal express checkout show 25PLN as this product price.


Only product prices currency is passed wrongly.

Shipping cost is passed to PayPal express checkout properly.


If PayPal module is not limited to using only default currency all prices are past to PayPal express checkout properly.


Full Storry and more details here:




PS devs please look into this issue.

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You have a forge issue opened, which is the only place "PS devs" are going to look.  So thanks for reporting the issue, now you will unfortunately have to wait for someone to solve the issue and provide a solution.

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