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[EPIC FAIL] PayPal module wrong currency (ex)changing in 'use only default currency' mode !

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Come one Presta Dev's.... where are you all, guys (and girls)... ??? :)


Is it really no one interested that your ecommerce software is not able to bill customers properly...?!

In my opinion (as a store owner) is so MASSIVE FAIL and not just minor issue which can be ignored.




If PayPal module is set to using only store default currency (BO/Modules/Payments/Currency limitation section), currencies are NOT PROPERLY EXCHANGED and incorrect prices are send to PayPal express checkout page!



SOME_GOODS prices:

- in default store currency: 100PLN

- after changing store currency to EUR: 25EUR


If customer checkout in default store currency all is correct. Customer will see 100PLN price on PayPal express checkout page. PayPal is dealing with the rest and exchange is done regarding store setting (PayPal payments limited to default store currency only). So even if customers wants to pay using his USD account PayPal do exchange it to PLN and we get the right price of 100PLN into our account.


The problem starts when customer changes store currency from default one to other (i.e. EUR).

Then our SOME_GOODS product costs 25EUR.

If customer pays now, PayPal express checkout should show either 25EUR or 100PLN price.

But PayPal shows 25PLN instead !!!

So 25 is amount exchanged by changing store currency from default PLN to EUR but currency ISO code says PLN (for which amount to pay should be 100) !!!


I have questioned a few invalid payments and spoken PayPal support person about the problem.

I have been told that this is exact information PP gets va API from store.


This currency 'mixing' is done for products only. Shipping cost is passed to PayPal checkout page correctly.



Later customer sees those incorrect product prices on his order history list.

But again, order total value is as it was originaly and it doesnt match individual prices summary.




After tracking this issue back in time I found that the problem started early January so it must be related to one of updates released on then (either store script or PayPal module).


If PayPal module is not limited to store default currency, prices are correctly passed to PayPal express checkout page.

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@a_smith, do you use multishop?


if yes please go to localizaction > select each of your shop and CHECK currency.


I am don't know who was such "smart" but even you have all shops and set up main currency presta takes settings from each shop.


e.g when my product was 25GBP i go go domain.fr and took price in € I had price 25€ jupi, such useless feature until you want to have





but in 99% cases no.


I have to change all to GBP to have correct prices.


Conversion rate is only 1, but if you are not stick to one currency you can have a mess.


In my opinion is a bug and it should be corrected, at least when you select all shop and select 1 currency for all shops (others settings for each shop should be disabled)

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