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Please help me out with a proper way to override AdminProductsController. What I tried is this, I made little changes to  AdminProductsController.php i.e as


public function __construct(){


// my editing

echo "hello";

echo "<script>alert('wait here')</script>";



Now i kept this in




Inside this file have extended like this:


class AdminProductsController extends AdminProductsControllerCore




Attached herewith the sample file for better understanding,please try and response back.


The same works in prestashop


Thanks in Advance.



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For Bellini,


First of all it is hard to find on modules menu itself.

And once when i got it was giving overriding error and before installling i have deleted it from override folder too..


For coeos.pro

Yes i delete the cache folder itself and tried too

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well, in the first error it is telling you that your SQL statement is invalid.  Since you did not provide the code as I asked previously, I cannot help you.


in the second error, it is saying the override of the AdminProductionsController from the marketplace module is failing.  this is a known issue and is caused by comments in the override file (comments using //).  remove the comments from the override and try again.

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Hey Bellini,


I will upload once again, Just have a look , where my piece of code is only this


echo "marketplace"; 

This prints marketplace, however the BAD SQL error appears when AdminProductsController is called.


Prestashop itself has commented like this and validator says the same i guess.. Below are some their commented lines

// @since 1.5 : translations for tabs

// convert price with the currency from context

// @todo : move in processEditProductImage

and more.


I have added AdminProductsController which goes to override/controllers/admin/ folder after installation of module.


Suggestions are Welcomed.


Thanks in Advance.



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I need to filter products according to seller, so i am using many functions..

Now the problem is that it throws Bad Sql Error when AdminProductsController is called on backend and that part i havn't made any changes so what i need to do.


@EL Patron


Sorry newbie so don't have much idea. Next Time will keep this in record :)

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Thank You,


I tried using



instead of parent::

so it was silly mistake as i am newbie.


However i am getting stuck in AdminOrdersController now. I have overrided this file too. For better understanding i have uploaded the AdminOrdersController.php and Order.php in which i made changes please give suggestion for this as it gets blank

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