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[SOLVED] Add invoice number in order-slip pdf


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Hi there!
How can I add the invoice number in the order-slip .pdf?

Here's what I mean.
If I make a partial refund to a customer, an order-slip with his own progressive number is created and there is no reference to the original invoice (that has his own progressive number).

If I make my first refund, for example of invoice #00005, an order slip with number #00001 is created (the first order-slip ever created). I need that in the pdf of the order slip #00001, appears also the reference to the invoice, in this case #00005

I try to play a little with the code, but I can't program and I don't find a solution.

Hope someone can help me :)

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Hi there everyone. I find the solution and will share it.

Just put this code, where you will in /pdf/order-slip.tpl:   {$order->invoice_number}
If date of invoice should add, just put this code where you will:  {$order->invoice_date}

But I have just 2 questions.

1) How can I add 0 in front of the invoice number? The generated invoice have for example number 00045, but with my solution, the code display only 45. I try with PHP code but doesn't work, maybe I do something wrong.

2) How can I change the date format from Y/M/D into D/M/Y ?

Thanks in advance,
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En 12/1/2015 a las 5:53 PM, tuk66 dijo:






Sorry, but for prestashop 1.7.8.x it doesn't work or should I add something else? Thanks in advance

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