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  1. Hello again @Daresh, I have written you a private. Thanks
  2. @DareshI understand ... And could that option be implemented for the "tags" and that later in the search engine they will be shown with the same order or position that we have previously saved in the backoffice?
  3. If so, but if for example it is with a search for only "tags" either?
  4. Is there any way to show the search results according to the position of the products within the category? Or show it "by position" on the search results page? I don't know if they understand me
  5. Hello, do you have a link to see the demo (backoffice), if it works the same more or less like this?
  6. add solved to your first post, editing it. All the best ­čśë
  7. +1 Do you plan to make any more improvements like this to your module? Good job thanks @Reda OULED
  8. {if isset($product.reference_to_display) && $product.reference_to_display neq ''} <div class="product-reference"> <label class="label">{l s='Reference' d='Shop.Theme.Catalog'} </label> <span itemprop="sku">{$product.reference_to_display}</span> </div> {/if} Insert this code after line 125 for example but from the product.tpl file the file in this path: themes> name theme> templates> catalog> _partials>product.tpl Save and then delete the same code from the other file product-details.tpl if you do not want it to be displayed on the product sheet as it had previously PS: Always keep a copy of the original file without modifying, for possible errors or mistakes, so you always have backup
  9. Hello, you have to paste the code of your template here, specifically from the file in this path: themes> name theme> templates> catalog> _partials> product-details.tpl since it will surely be different from the code of the classic prestashop template. In the photo that I attach both codes, both to show the product reference, and the other one below that is for the reference of combinations if it has them.
  10. I think that by default the "search tags" are saved in alphabetical order after clicking on "SAVE" instead of respecting the order in which the user has been inserting the products, as in the video that I attach. Video You could create or add a rule to respect the order or position as I add it ... Thank you Version Ps. Php. 7.2.34 Theme: classic
  11. <div class="product_availability"> {if $product.show_price} {if !$configuration.is_catalog} {block name='product_availability'} {if $product.show_availability && $product.availability_message} <span id="product-availability" class="badge {if $product.availability == 'available'} {if $product.quantity <= 0 && !$product.allow_oosp} badge-danger product-unavailable {elseif $product.quantity <= 0 && $product.allow_oosp}badge-warning product-unavailable-allow-oosp {else}badge-success product-available{/if}{elseif $product.availability == 'last_remaining_items'}badge-warning product-last-items{else}badge-danger product-unavailable{/if}"> {if $product.availability == 'available'} <i class="fa fa-check rtl-no-flip" aria-hidden="true"></i> {$product.availability_message} {elseif $product.availability == 'last_remaining_items'} <i class="fa fa-exclamation" aria-hidden="true"></i> {$product.availability_message} {else} <i class="fa fa-ban" aria-hidden="true"></i> {$product.availability_message} {if isset($product.available_date) && $product.available_date != '0000-00-00'} {if $product.available_date|strtotime > $smarty.now}<span class="available-date">{l s='until' d='Shop.Theme.Catalog'} {$product.available_date}</span>{/if} {/if} {/if} </span> {/if} {/block} {/if} {/if} I also have problems with the refresh of the stock icon in the combinations of the product page. I want to place it somewhere else on the product page, but if I add it before "add-to-cart.tpl it doesn't refresh the stock. Only when it refreshes the whole page. I attach the code that I place above where I want to place it. Please help me...­čśą
  12. Friend, I think you did not understand what I want to do ... You may not have explained me well. I just want to show category ID 62 the 2 subcategories I have. But in the other main categories, your subcategories should always be hidden. I will seek help elsewhere or someone who can understand what I am looking for ... PS: I am not a programmer or developer
  13. $category Array (2) value => Array (17) nleft => "98" nright => "99" level_depth => "3" id_parent => "62" id_shop_default => "1" is_root_category => "0" position => "0" date_add => "2021-05-26 17:49:59" date_upd => "2021-05-18 19:13:57" name => "test" link_rewrite => "test" description => "<p><strong>test" meta_title => "test" meta_description => "test" meta_keywords => "" id => 87 image => null scope => "Smarty object" With {debug} I get the pop up where it tells me, being for example in this case, in a subcategory....
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