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Override default invoice generator by my own (PS 1.6)


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Create a new file as /override/classes/pdf/PDFGenerator.php and put some method(s) inside the brackets.


class PDFGenerator extends PDFGeneratorCore





thanks for your reply. 


Okay and how in this class i get order details (customer detail, shop details(name etc.), seller detail, Products...)? 

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I need this:


ignore original PDF invoice generator and use my own class for PDF invoice generation. In my invoice generator i need use get order details.


I do not use HTML templating like PS. I have other solution. 

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Hello guys   :) 

Why am i not able to override PDFGenerator.php file?


Under "Override/classes/pdf/" i have created the same file, which is PDFGenerator.php. Within that file i have put code below, because i want to define different header and footer height. The problem is, that override doesn't work at all, even if i disable cache and delete class_index.php file within cache directory. What am i doing wrong? Is there maybe a bug or something?


class PDFGeneratorCoreOverride extends PDFGeneratorCore {

    /* Header and Footer HEIGHT change */
    public function writePage() {
        $this->setMargins(10, 40, 10);


        $this->writeHTML($this->content, true, false, true, false, '');

I am using Prestashop version


If i change code directly, it affects PDF, when it is exported. It works as it should but no results, when overriding PDFGenerator.php file. Overriding works good for modules as well.

Could you guys take a look and help me here please?

Thank you and best regards,

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