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Two prices in the product page


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Hello, I want to know how to insert two prices in the product prices, one is the original price for paying via credit card and another is the for payments with cash on delivery.


Does anyone have solution for this or someone know module which I can use to get two prices on product page.

I installed latest version of Prestashop.

Thank you,


Regards,M. Sacirovic

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Hi Mesas,

- Do you just want to show the 2nd price, or should the program do anything more with it, like let the customer choose one or so?

- How do you set/calculate the Price on Delivery - price?



Hello Pascal,


I just want to show 2nd price and first price which will is main price will be added in cart always. 


Thank you.


Regards, M. Sacirovic

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2 options for you:

- OR use combination. You will define a new attribute group (fx: Payment method) and 2 new attribute values: CC and COD.

Then for EACH PRODUCT, create combinations so that CC or COD are included. Then when users change combination, the price should be changed.

Anyway, I don't recommend this approach, it's very technical and does not make sense for users.


- OR use an additional module which add additional payment fee based on payment method.

I'm not the author of this module but it appears to be a good fit:



Hope this helps!


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