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  1. Hi All, I noticed some people asking for a Block Reinsurance with links on the picture/text. Hereby one that does the job. Based on blockreinsurance of Prestashop, it is a direct replacement of blockreinsurance with just an added extra, the links. Installation: Step 1: Download the attached zip file, and install this in your PrestaShop Back Office: - Go to Modules->Modules. - Press "Add a New Module" (at Top right), - select the zip file on your local harddisk and - press install (If you experience any problem, let me know. You can also unzip it on your harddisk and upload the folder blockreinsurancelink with contents manually to your /modules directory, using FTP) Then - UN-install the original PrestaShop blockreinsurance module and - install the blockreinsurancelink module. (See picture) After installing the module, it is hooked to the footer, as we want it there of course. We only have to reposition the module all the way to the top of the footer. - Go to Modules->Positions and - scroll down to the "footer block". - Move our module all the way from the bottom to the top by clicking on the arrow up. (See picture) After we positioned the module correctly, we can modify the links as desired: - Go to Modules->Modules and scroll down to our module. - Press Configure - You will see a similar screen as the original PrestaShop reinsurance, only I added a field to edit the link. (See picture) - Press Save We're done! Go to your frontpage and reload (Ctrl-F5 (Windows)/Command-R (Mac)) and hover over the reinsurance pictures to see your links. Clicking on them will open the linked page. Hope you like it. If you encounter any problem, or have additional wishes, please let me know. If you download it, please write some comment! Thanks! pascal blockreinsurancelink_PS1560.zip
  2. Hi there, I just got a Paypal payment through our shop. As it was a tiny order, the Paypay fee was actually more than wished for. We have other payment options (Bank wire) that would be a preferred payment option in this case. Although not a big problem, it made me think... Is it possible to state somewhere what payment option can be chosen with what (minimum) order size? Like if total order size = 1-10$, Option Bank wire available only, if 10+$, also allow Paypal. I look for something a little bit like carriers, where you can choose what carrier can be chosen for what weight (like 1 gr-1 kg = Carrier A, 1-5kg Carrier B etc.) Not sure if it exists in Standard Presta... Anyone?? Thx. Pascal
  3. Hi all, Small question. Does anyone know by any chance where they store the product combination quantities. They combine it in the ps_stock_available->quantity, but where are the separate values stored? Probably overlook them somewhere... Example, what I mean: http://i.imgur.com/ic2UyRl.jpg Thx, pascal
  4. Multitienda Prestashop multi vendedores

    Moved to Spanish forum...
  5. How can I set up no shipping.

    Hi MArtin, do you just want to change the text in the 5 steps checkout from "04. Shipping" to "04. Pick up", or something else? If just the text, go to Localization->translations in Back office. Select Front office Select your theme name Select your language (Choose 'English' if you want to just change the 'English wording') Then search for the "Order steps" Block, where you see all five tabs mentioned: Change Shipping into Pick up Save If this was not what you needed, please elaborate. pascal.
  6. Delete "Sort by" from the list

    Not sure if it works for you, as you seem to have a custom theme, but normally you can set the default sort order in Preferences->Products. There you can set the default sort order and Ascending/Descending option in the Pagination preferences block. My 2 cents, pascal
  7. Hi Kiran, Not fully sure if I understand your question well. Do you mean you just want some text on the front page where you mention the opening and closing time? Or do you really want to close your webshop during these times as well?) To really close the shop you can follow the steps outlined above. To just add some opening closing time text on our front page, you can for example add the 'Home text editor' (I believe sometimes called 'Home Editorial' or so). See the user guide on installing modules etc. Hope this helps, pascal.
  8. Hi Gil, Sorry for late reply. I'm on holiday and first day of opening the forum here (Still away a lot until end of the month...) Not sure you found the problem already but just in case, I'll give some hints: In the error you can read there is a {/if} missing (the 'unclosed {if}' they talk about) So check the /home/goodshopping/public_html/themes/theme576/mobile/category-tree-branch.tpl and see if all {if}'s have an accompanying {/if} closing tag around the correct block. I expect there to be some responsive themes available for 1.5.x versions, but don't know of any specific one. Search some template sites and look through the descriptions if you se one that you(r boss) like(s). Maybe try to find some that have some similarity to the current one and check yourself first. Then give a few choices to the boss. My 2 cents, Pascal.
  9. [SOLVED] How to update values in database through php?

    I see in post number 11 you tried, but you put the 'od' BEHIND the SET. Try putting it BEFORE.
  10. I want to move my search bar.

    Hi PureD, unfortunately, the image is not visible. Please re-add... (click 'more reply options' button and add the image file here) pascal.
  11. In product.php, I see that they first fill the 'category' array as well, and add it to the getProductLink function: $row['category'] = Category::getLinkRewrite((int)$row['id_category_default'], (int)$id_lang); $row['link'] = $context->link->getProductLink((int)$row['id_product'], $row['link_rewrite'], $row['category'], $row['ean13']); Maybe this helps? pascal.
  12. To do the free shipping, use a 'cart rule' (back office, price rules->cart rules) instead. on informations-tab, add a descriptive name ("free shipping over 150" or so. Set a validity period for the voucher (set to distant future if always want to give) Don't add a code for the voucher, then it will be added automatically tot he cart. Add how many vouchers you want to give (set to 9999999 to give always), and how many per customer it can be used (set to 99999, if a customer can get the free shipping every time). on conditions-tab, Add minimum amount is 150, no need for additional restrictions (then all products, all delivery countries, carriers etc are valid to get the discount. Set free shipping as action on action-tab Hope this helps, pascal.
  13. Muliple Features with Images - Ajax Filter

    Aren't the colours the 'variants' of the product?
  14. [SOLVED] How to update values in database through php?

    Assuming the product_quantity_collected is an already added column in the ps_product_detail field (it's not default available, assume added by the module): Try Bellini's query, only add the definition (alias) of 'od' table, as it is not known yet. if (Tools::getValue('product_quantity_collected')) { $quantity = (int)Tools::getValue('product_quantity_collected'); $query = "UPDATE `"._DB_PREFIX_."order_detail` od SET product_quantity_collected=". $quantity . " WHERE od.id_order=" . $id_ord . " AND od.product_id=" . $id_prod . " AND od.id_shop=" . $id_shop . ";"; Db::getInstance()->Execute($query); } My 2 cents, pascal.
  15. Call category list in custom module

    With getParentsCategories, you only get the direct parents of a specific category, which is one branch of the tree. I expect you want the whole tree, so maybe better use the code they use in back office, catalog->products->edit product (associations tab) from controllers/admin/AdminProductsController.php $tree = new HelperTreeCategories('associated-categories-tree', 'Associated categories'); $tree->setTemplate('tree_associated_categories.tpl') ->setHeaderTemplate('tree_associated_header.tpl') ->setRootCategory($root->id) ->setUseCheckBox(true) ->setUseSearch(true) ->setSelectedCategories($categories); $data->assign(array( 'category_tree' => $tree->render() )); For full use how to implement it, look in the file. and then in your tpl file something like: <div id="category_block"> {$category_tree} </div> My 2 cents, pascal.
  16. How reorganize footer blocks

    Hi lip, This can be done in back office. Go to Modules-> Positions. THen scroll down until you see a block with header DisplayFooter Here you see all modules that are 'hooked' into the footer You can change the position by clicking the up or down arrows next to the modules to bring them up/forward/left or down/backward/right respectively. (Or you can drag them to their new position) To see the effect of your changes, reload the shop front page and see if the order is what you like. May need a little playing to get it right (Look carefully at their name to see what block each line represents) pascal
  17. Probably some caching problem. Try to clear your browser cache If that doesn't help, - go to Back office, Adv. Parameters->Performance, and clear smarty cache (top right of screen, press clear cache button ) - then on same page TEMPORARILY set smarty cache to OFF, and force compilation to YES. - Then reload the page if it works, set settings of cache and force compilation back to original state. Hope this does the trick. pascal.
  18. Get current location

    Did you try to use geolocation already?
  19. add new shipping payment gateway is disable.

    Do you mean disabled in modules->modules, or not available when going to pay? If the module is really disabled, just re-enable them in modules->modules. If 'not available', maybe check if they are available for the currency, customer group and (delivery address-) country that you want to make them available for (Modules->Payment, and scroll down.) Hope this does the trick, pascal.
  20. I expect turn off any server cache, and smarty cache, (Adv. Parameters->Performance ) and on the same page force compilation to YES. Clear browser cache. Then reload the pages and see if it works. Hope it does, pascal.
  21. Getting no product list in Module

    I expect the problem is in the SQL string. The string is spread over multiple lines. (i.e. there's a newline inside the string) Javascript doesn't like that. Either make it all on one line, like: $products = Db::getInstance()->ExecuteS(' SELECT p.`id_product`, pl.`name`, pl.`link_rewrite`, p.`reference`, i.`id_image` FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'product` p NATURAL LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'product_lang` pl LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'image` i ON (i.`id_product` = p.`id_product` AND i.`cover` = 1) WHERE pl.`id_lang` = '.intval(Tools::getValue('id_lang')).''); or end every line with a \ like: $products = Db::getInstance()->ExecuteS(' \ SELECT p.`id_product`, pl.`name`, pl.`link_rewrite`, p.`reference`, i.`id_image` \ FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'product` p \ NATURAL LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'product_lang` pl \ LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'image` i ON (i.`id_product` = p.`id_product` AND i.`cover` = 1) \ WHERE pl.`id_lang` = '.intval(Tools::getValue('id_lang')).''); Hope this does the trick, pascal
  22. "This webpage has a redirect loop" problem

    Oh yes, Abdulla may have a point. Also try disabling mod_security if not done so.. Pref->SEO
  23. "This webpage has a redirect loop" problem

    Oops, sorry, short memory... Hmm, what else... - turn off ccc and apache optimization (adv. parameters->optimization, and 'cache' (at bottom of this page). - - What PS version do you use? - Default theme?. If not, try turning to default theme and see if that does work... - SSL ?? (Preferences->General)
  24. Nemo, any experience what can be wrong in the module?
  25. Did you check if there's an update for your theme (did you buy the theme BEFORE going to or SHOULD it be compatible with this PS version? Indeed not easy to debug, as you must be on mobile to see the theme. Not sure if there exists tricks to make the mobile theme work on your desktop... The error mentions a file: category-tree-branch.tpl.php., this is part of the blockcategories module. Maybe you can try to turn off the module (disable) for a moment, and see if the mobile site then loads. This will narrow our search... pascal.