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  1. Sure thing, Kindly contact us via the contact form below: https://rockpos.com/contact-us If you can share with us the back office access and url, we usually can sort it out faster. Cheers,
  2. Hello, I was noticed that, you did contact us via Contact form. So, let's continue the discussion from there. Thank you!
  3. Hello @subaru4wd, Your order was made on Nov 4th 2015 (more than 1 year ago) without update option. It means, you are only able to download updates within 3 months since the purchase. Read more at: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/538537-zen-option-premium-support-and-pricing-model/ Thanks for understanding! Tung
  4. Hello, There is no limitation, except for the 1 thing: it will expire in 7 days. Most likely we will extend it a bit later. Regarding domain, you can change it once you're ready to go live. For now, just contact us, then we will do that for you. Cheers,
  5. Hello Schambion, We heard abut that but haven't worked directly with AWP. I know how it works generally. Is this possible to send us a copy of that module to [email protected]? We will verify that and let you know. If it works, we also can load that on a demo site and you can take a look at that. Let us know. Tung
  6. Hello guys, Read more, for possible reasons: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/553308-order-split-herere-the-reasons/
  7. It seems this is out of date. For people who are still in trouble, read more at: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/553308-order-split-herere-the-reasons/ Hope that helps!
  8. Clear Prestashop cache (under Performance page). Then it should work for you!
  9. Did you delete /cache/class_index.php? Sorry, I don't have a cloud setup here, but it seems, you can't not remove that file. If that's a problem, open a new thread discussing about that.
  10. Go to /modules/bankwire/bankwire.php, edit this:
  11. Great to know, it's really good for the site managing different groups and different policies. Thanks!
  12. To avoid redirecting from domain.com to domain.com/xx, I have no idea. But to avoid redirecting from to , let's do this:
  13. What do you meany by "Display" anyway? You're looking for a way to not display these (sub) categories under the main categories? If so, just simply modify the template category.tpl to hide. Hope that helps! Tung
  14. As far as I understand,the method Tools::getShopProtocol() is only available on PS 1.5.x and above. In the other word, this version of module ultimategooglerichsnippets does not support PS 1.4.x.
  15. I know that, but from what I saw in the code base, it's not aligned with what's written in the document
  16. No, it's not the option you're looking for. To clarify, it only tells you how to display price (with/o tax). Despite of tax displayed or not, it will be always taken into account, and combine to the final result! I mean, the final total remains the same! This article is written for our product - RockPOS - but surely it will give you the complete understanding on that matter: http://support.rockpos.com/article/66-tax-calculation Hope that helps!
  17. No way, unless you know how to modify the code. Otherway, try this module: http://addons.prestashop.com/en/5809-tax-exempt.html This is a simple module, it only does 1 thing: override a function regarding tax. Once you have that module, you can copy / override the code by yourself, then you uninstall that module. So, it meets your requirements: without a module, right? P/S: I'm not the author of this module but used to work with it.
  18. You can't create a menu for a module configuration page. Menu is only for: - An independent admin page which you usually can find them under /controllers/admin/ - An independent module admin page which usually can find them under modules/module-name/controllers/admin/ When I say "page", I'm talking about a controller, technically to say. The configuration page of a module is just a small part of the AdminModules page. As a result, you can't link to a part of controller (page) in this case. Developers want to offer this ability, they have to create a module admin page Hope that helps!
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