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logo border in emails

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i'm on windows live mail, anyway the default behaviour of the web browsers is show the border if with don't set border:0..


you've got right

i checked it in browser (where i can receive mails via squirrel mail client) and i see border there

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Gave right! 


Just put this code at the beginning, as here in this Order Cancelled model, which is in the mail / (language) folder: 



a img {border: 0;} 

@ media only screen and (max-width: 300px) {

body {

width: 218px important;! 

margin: auto important;! 


Added a comma before the closing point, thus: 

a img {border: 0} 

a img {border: 0;


Thank you!

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veika just a tip for make we users life easier :)

the email templates are ~30, but they have most of content the same (the head, the footer), i think it's better include an external file for common content.

in this way if i want to edit the header or the footer in all templates, i don't have to spend 30 minutes each time :)

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Is there a module to change the wording that customers receive when leaving a "Contact Us" message?


I've changed the email addresses for "Contact Us" but unable to change wording in sent emails like:



  Your message has been sent successfully




  We will answer as soon as possible.   




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