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  1. Hi guys, for a proper backup do you confirm I can save the whole root directory via ftp (smarty included) and a db dump, and that's all?
  2. Hi, I just moved my shop to another domain. Could you remind me what I should check if it works? For example I made a test order, I didn't get the notification mail, the confirmation mail (to the customer) neither..
  3. Hi, I saw in backoffice in product page/shipping tab there is a field "additional shipping cost (for each product)" (I have that field in italian, so it's not exactly like that). For few product I want to choose the shipping cost individually using that field (so the carrier in this case have cost=0€). The problem is: I want to set for those product too free shipping costs for a total order>100€. Don't know if it's clear..
  4. i know but my shop have ~600 products and i get a timeout error trying that way (500 internal server error)
  5. Hi, I moved my shop from a domain to another one. All works, but i noticed few images are broken. I'm sure there is a module to regenerate all the thumbnails, but I can't find it..
  6. ciao, sei andato a pescare un thread stravecchio, ma essendo rimasto senza risposta, ti ringrazio. alla fine risolsi chiedendo nel forum inglese, e come vedi dal contatore dei miei post, anche se all'inizio è stata dura, non ho abbandonato PS . certo, rimane il fatto che non ha senso limitare moduli in poche posizioni. la gestione dei moduli/posizioni/hook andrebbe completamente ripensata in PS.
  7. Hi, I'm about to start another ecommerce, the last one is stucked on and I can't upgrade because I tried to upgrade and the category menu doesn't work anymore (the issue in 2 words: the menu is shown completely exploded and the implode button doesn't work). https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/343998-js-problems-after-upgrade-from-1606-to-08/ (obiouvsly that's not the only thread I exposed this issue, just the first I found) So I'm wondering if you suggest me to use 1.6 or 1.5 for a stable product site.
  8. In last 2 days i get 2-3 email like the attachment: empty error report. what could be the problem?
  9. i've made 2 different request: - how to duplicate module - clean php module you answered the second one (it seems not so fast and easy, but I will manage that ) the first one is: for example i want to clone the html module for showing that in 2 different position, or just 2 different contents, there is a way to clone a module?
  10. Hi, that's a request for the future release (or maybe an occasion to find out ps already have those feature). As a pure php developer (not strictly PS) I would find very useful a safe mode to duplicate (clone) a module and manage those in totally separate scripts and views. Also, a blank php module it would be very helpful too.
  11. Hi, i haven't see any site in ps with this usage: an "aggregator" of different companies (basically like ebay), with company profile page and obiouvsly each company has its products. The logic is similar to categories and subcategories (at a first look), but each logged companies should be able to add a product just in its profile. There is a chance to do that?
  12. that's my backoffice control panel graph, it's showing anything, but yesterday i god an order. neither the previous order are showed
  13. there is some kind of referral system in ps? i mean, a way to allows the user to invite their friends to the shop, and obiouvsly track this referred subscription. the aim should be give a coupon to the user who make other people buy in the shop
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