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how to remove sample data in prestat

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use prestashop cleaner module.

it's module attached to each installation of prestashop.


How does it come that I was not aware of this module! Damn it, just spent an hour on making a SQL query that gets rid of every bit of information from the database, haha!


So yes. You can use pscleaner module, while I go have a drink.

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Hi psfever,

it would still be nice to have a possibility to delete things selectively. Or to delete everything EXCEPT a few things. For example, I'd like to set up everything in the store except products. Like users, addresses, currencies, taxes, CMS pages etc. And then, before I pass on the site to the client for him to add his own products, I want to delet all products and other sample stuff. As I understand it, pscleaner will just delete everything, regardless.

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