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PrestaShop is a leader in e-commerce with over 100,000 online stores and the perfect partner for La Poste. PrestaShop's numerous features, user friendly in... Read more Emmanuelle Bosc-Haddad, Marketing Director, La Poste
As a web agency, PrestaShop allows us to cut development time in half, compared to other heavier, less agile e-commerce solutions. PrestaShop has managed t... Read more David Niry, CEO, BusinessTech
It has been a great pleasure to be invited to the PrestaShop Barcamp in Paris on the 24th of November. Congratulations on a flawless event with an incredib... Read more Arnaud Devigne, Marketing Director, Google France
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5 Examples of Ecommerce Product Pages That Convert On 16 Sep, 2014

The Internet is a gateway to an infinite number of products that online shoppers can choose from. If shoppers ... CONTINUE READING

29 N Under, an Apparel Retailer, Migrates from Facebook to PrestaShop and Grows 1000% On 08 Sep, 2014

In this success story, we’re introducing you to a PrestaShop store with a unique concept – “Dresses unde... CONTINUE READING

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    Commit #6f3390a: // fix PSCSX-3153, bye bye Krone, welcome Euro

  • Friday, 19 Sep 2014 16:59:14

    Commit #2e0e6f6: [-] BO : Fix bug #PSCSX-3356, bad default combination when importing, thanks @thomasbo

  • Friday, 19 Sep 2014 16:45:55

    Commit #43e6f3f: [-] BO : Fix PSCSX-3368 stock available correct if no combination and add one

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