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  1. Das habe ich oft, auf verschiedensten Websites. Die Meldung schicke ich jeweils an den Hoster und der schaltet irgendwas ab. Ich selber komme da nicht dran.
  2. Sunglasses Shop. Inzwischen habe ich einige Dateien geändert und es scheint erstmal gut zu sein. Mit Template testweise umstellen zögere ich etwas. Ich habe keine Testinstallation und fürchte, dass einige Einstellungen durcheinander geraten könnten, wenn ich umschalte. Oder passiert da bei Prestashop sicher nichts? Mit Joomla ist es kein Problem, bei Wordpress hatte ich schon schlechte Erfahrungen ... @rictools Cache habe ich gelöscht, soweit ich weiss. Kann sein, dass ich irgendwo etwas vergessen habe. Finde ich bei PS etwas unübersichtlich. Gibt es eine einfache Möglichkeit, Cache komplett, sicher und vollständig abzuschalten und/oder zu leeren?
  3. "Voreinstellungen" >> "Kunden" den Wert für "Opt-in aktivieren" auf "Nein" Hilft bei mir nicht, die Felder erscheinen weiterhin. (Zumindest in der Gastbestellung)
  4. ok, das Anhängselproblem konnte ich immerhin lösen: RewriteRule ^de/(.*)$ /$1 [R=301,L] EDIT: Geht aber nur, wenn nur DE aktiviert ist, sonst gibt es ein "The page isn’t redirecting properly" - muss man dann also auch im htaccess wieder anpassen.
  5. Hallo Scully, Vielen Dank. Version ist Englisch ist Aktiviert. Sobald ich es deaktiviere, bekomme ich auch im Backend nur noch Deutsch. Das hast Du ja auch schon festgestellt. Änderung im Controller ist mir etwas zu hoch, so gut kenne ich mich mit Prestashop nicht aus. Ich hatte gehofft, dass es mit htaccess eine Möglichkeit gäbe, oder ich eine Einstellung übersehe, oder es ein Plugin gibt. Wenn nicht, dann werde ich Englisch eben deaktivieren und nur noch aktivieren, wenn ich es gerade brauche. Dummerweise bekomme ich jetzt mit https://www.ritasschirmwelt.ch/de/ 404s, Die von Google so indizierten Seiten funktionieren also nicht mehr ... Entweder ich weiss nur nicht, wie es mit Prestashop richtig geht, oder das ist noch ein echtes Problem von Prestashop.
  6. Hallo, ich habe einen Shop, der nur auf Deutsch angezeigt werden soll: https://www.ritasschirmwelt.ch Wenn man aber /en dranhängt, wird die Englische Version angezeigt: https://www.ritasschirmwelt.ch/en Wie kann ich das verhindern? Englisch ganz löschen geht nicht, ich brauche es im Backend. Weiterleitung in htaccess habe ich schon versucht, aber nicht hingekriegt (RewriteRule ^/en/$ https://www.ritasschirmwelt.ch/de/ [R=301,L] Das /de sollte am besten auch verschwinden. Es gibt ja nur diese eine Sprachversion ... Danke!
  7. Since I somewhat lost hope to receive an answer here, I continued my research and eventually found this: https://mypresta.eu/en/art/developer/make-gender-required-in-prestashop.html Then, there were translations missing, which I found in Localization > Translations > Field name translations One reason I did not find this earlier, was that I was looking for "title", but Prestashop calls this "gender" - I don't care about gender, title matters (in letters to customers, at least) ...
  8. Sorry if I bump this, but I'm still lost. Is it such an unusual requirement to set title as required? How do you guys know if a client is male or female if it's a foreign or ambiguous name?
  9. I spent a couple of hours trying to figure out how to make the title selection field in the customer registration form required. Can't be that hard ... I hope someone here will be able to help. Thank you!
  10. So, I read through almost the whole thread, and I can still not understand why this is such a problem, after all those years. As a developer, I need to place test orders once in a while, not just before launch. These mess up my clients statistics and dashboard. A pain. If it is really so difficult to cleanly delete orders, why not have an option "cancel & ignore" - same as cancel, technically, but will no longer appear anywhere (such as list of orders or number of cancelled orders). And there should be a button for it, not only an option in the dropdown.
  11. Hi psfever, it would still be nice to have a possibility to delete things selectively. Or to delete everything EXCEPT a few things. For example, I'd like to set up everything in the store except products. Like users, addresses, currencies, taxes, CMS pages etc. And then, before I pass on the site to the client for him to add his own products, I want to delet all products and other sample stuff. As I understand it, pscleaner will just delete everything, regardless.
  12. Thanks, Tuckson85. The module name in the URL is a nice trick. I wish there was a way to display the internal names in the list of modules. Then one could easily search for them, language independent. So indeed refresh == reset. The reset link works, the function does not. Different issue, probably hosting settings. PS seems to want to do some fancy stuff that the security settings won't allow.
  13. Thank you for the super quick reply. The store that I am working on is basically clean. Nothing installed, no modules changed. And if I export the default template from a completely new store and install that in the development store, it is already messed up. It may be related to this issue: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/460535-problem-with-the-menu-when-i-change-the-theme/?do=findComment&comment=2123530 I'm not much worried about extra modules at this point. All I really need now is a duplicate of the default template so I can start working on the CSS ...
  14. After much searching and trying, I found a few things out myself. What complicates it, is that currently I cannot install additional languages, so it's all in German. I found out which module was causing trouble in Modules > Positions. I don't know an easy way to find the correct position, so I had to search for "navigation" and go through all positions. It would be handy if there were hints in the output source, but there aren't. Then I made sure I had found the right module, I switched it off and back on: Edit module, Exceptions: index Now, knowing the correct name, I was able to find the module in Modules > Modules. The settings dropdown has an item "Reset". I assume that's what has been referred to by "restart". Unfortunately that button does not work in my installation, so I cannot try ... Is there another way to fix a module than this reset button?
  15. Hi, Could you please share how to find that module in the backend and how to restart a module? Thank you!
  16. It's a year and a half later now. Is there still no other way to restore a template, or to copy a template other than manually resetting all modules and positions? What I'd like to do is to copy the default bootstrap template and adjust it. But the copy looks totally different, perhaps just because of module settings, and when I switch back to the default, that one is messed up, too. The way I think it should work and how it works with all of the other CMS that I ever worked with, is that you can switch templates as much as you like, it will not affect any modules and all of the templates will always look the same as you left them when you return. If it does not work that way with Prestashop, I'd still be glad to have a confirmation, so I can stop trying ... Or perhaps there's an extension that can reliably backup/restore/copy templates?
  17. Eventually found it myself: Versand > Voreinstellungen I wish PS would update such links in their tooltips ...
  18. Yes, bellini13, it is exactly as you say, thanks for your comments. It is cheap hosting, so it does not have sufficient resources for such an import. But otherwise it is quite sufficient and I don't want to move to a different hosting just for this import. Would it not be possible to write a php script that is able to import many products even with low resources? Even if the import takes a lot of time. I now used the Prestashop Manager (https://www.prestashopmanager.com/) for the import. 20 seconds for almost 460 products (had to do it 4-5 times before everything was right...). It even has a free trial period of 30 days, so at least this first import came free. Unfortunately the csv has a slightly different format than Prestashop standard, but that was easy enough to adjust.
  19. Thank you! I'm currently testing this store manager: www.prestashopmanager.com. $200 for standard, $350 for professional version. Imported my 460 products with images in 20 seconds, looks nice so far. The csv has a different format than Prestashop standard, but that's not a big obstacle. With the PS standard importer I cannot reliably import more than 25 products per file. Pretty useless ...
  20. old issue: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/254206-prestashop-csv-import-problem-import-of-more-then-100-products-seems-like-mission-impossible/
  21. Trust the manual: There is no problem. "... easily fill your product catalog when you have a very large amount of products ..." (http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS16/CSV+Import+Parameters) It is not clearly defined what they mean by "easy" or by "very large amount", though. But seriously: apparently there are many users who suffer from import timeouts. I'm one of them, although I need to import only a bit less than 300 products. If there was a paid module, I'd consider paying for it. Otherwise, can anyone share his workflow, how he splits the csv and imports efficiently, a script perhaps? Thank you! EDIT: In the manual it says "You can import more than one file at a time" - how?
  22. A week later, I still don't get it to work. Anyone?
  23. Hi, I did read the manual and all I could find about this on Google, no way. Paypal does not show up in my frontend. It is all set up and activated in the backend and I see it in many positions, but nothing in the frontend. Hopefully someone here has an idea what I might have overlooked. PayPal v3.8.1 PS Thank you! Regards, Ralf.
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