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Slider on 1.6 default theme broken ?

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Hi, I get this error when I try to upload a new message to the slider in the default theme : 

An error occurred during the image upload process.

Is the slider broken ? Is there any solution to fix and work properly with this slider ? 




I'm getting this error too. Any help much appreciated.


Fresh install.

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I would like to know where the demo pictures are located to test uploading other pictures with the exact same size. I can't find them on the default theme directory.




Tried to remove all slides and try creating new ones, same happens.




I'm starting to think it's really broken, I succeeded uploading a picture and then I modified another one to fit exactly and tried to upload and the message popped up again.

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I am getting this error, too, since today. for version 1.3..6.

"An error occurred during the image upload process."


1 or 2 days ago it was still possible to upload images. In the meantime / today I did a reset, then I tried uninstall/install.


Nothing helped. - As as I remember, there was an update of it today included in the update list? (which I executed) 

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Confirmation: Working well now for me, too.



I just did an upgrade from to

I had some unexpected version specifications for slider... when trying do delete, to uninstall, to restart with a clean sheet. Finally, I checked it, slider... uses its version 1.3.7 for the current successful state.


Be aware if your shop is in more than 1 language, to do the upload for all actived languages - like French, English, German. Otherwise unexpected display results could be expected.


I will add this information in http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/316346-major-layout-issues/


If you have other issues with the default layout, there I am trying to list in a classified manner the solutions for all the single small problems. (There is no great and permanently improving software without minor transitional problems.)

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