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  1. Hey all, I noticed several people are having issue's when translating or editing templates the url's in the edited e-mail template are broken. When you edited a template url brackets " { " and " } " are replaced by %7B and %7D. Example: {weburl} changes to %7Bweburl%7D How to solve this problem? (Updated 15/07/2015) (This fix works also for cloud based web-shops!) Watch this video for the steps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwb050tdyfM File used in video: AdminTranslationsController.php Important: after adding this file make sure to clear your cache. This fix will not work unless you have cleared your cache IMPORTANT NOTE: after adding this file you have to replace %7B and %7D. with " { " and " } " (Now they wont change anymore!) Please check every e-mail template you have an issue with that the bracket are not changed. Please note: Issue should disappear with newest version of prestashop: http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCSX-4594?jql= Enjoy your prestashop! ~ Crezzur ~ PS: Don't forget to like my post if this topic has solved your issue
  2. When i go in to the translate all looks broken, and when i click the modify button, 500 server error appears, Pls Help
  3. Buenas tardes, Necesito ayuda. Creando mi tienda online con Prestashop 1.7 (theme classic) de repente me he encontrado con que las páginas de marcas no funcionan. La cosa es que estas páginas funcionaban perfectamente antes, se podía llegar a ellas sin problema desde las páginas de producto y ahora da error 404. Hace unos días hice las urls amigables y no sé si es que el htaccess está generando algún tipo de conflicto o qué. Las páginas de CMS (aviso legal, cookies, nosotros, etc. van perfectamente). La url de mi tienda es beevoo.net. Adjunto capturas:
  4. Status: Using default theme. Old htaccess deleted. Shop is online. Cache is disabled. Overrides on/off tested - no difference. Modules not from prestashop on/off - no difference. Information: PrestaShop version: Required parameters: OK Optional parameters: OK Server information: Linux #1 SMP Debian 3.16.59-1~ui80+1 (2018-10-03) x86_64 Server software version: Apache PHP version: 7.2.12 Memory limit: 256M Max execution time: 300 Upload Max File size: 64M MySQL-Version 5.5.60-0+deb7u1-log Changed/missing files have been detected. Updated files (1) robots.txt Problems: Frontend: • On products clicking "quick view" does nothing. • All product links are broken, returning "error 500" Turning pretty URLs on/off changes nothing, product links still returning error 500 Backend: • Translation of menus gone. • SuperAdmin can't access sites like "orders", "customers", "localization" etc. • Module & Services is completely broken, returning "error 500" for every user Enabling debug mode yields in frontend:
  5. I've been testing out an upgrade from 1.5.2 to on a development site, but I'm having trouble getting the images to work right. I have read a lot of different advice in the forums, but nothing has exactly worked and some of it seems old or outdated. Here are some details: I have run the 1-click upgrade successfully. I switch over to a custom theme. I go to images and try moving to the new structure, but get a message about 8000+ errors with the original image missing or empty, ie, not moved to new structure. The original image IS in the /img/p/ directory. I have tried this with the legacy file systems set to both yes and no. Cache is turned off, friendly URLs are turned off, Smarty is set to force compilation. I have also tried regenerating product images (home_default) in particular, but that usually results in an "[An error occurred while processing this directive]". Is there any foolproof way to both regenerate and move images to the new structure? Or does it depend very much on what version you are coming from? Is there an order that things should be done in? Ie, regenerate thumbnails and then move images? Or the reverse? And how can I tell what image sizes are necessary for the default_theme that Prestashop 1.6.18 uses? Thanks for any advice. The upgrade has not been smooth and I'm trying not to lose it over the images.
  6. Hello, I don't know why, but my link which I use to upload images for products stopped working (screenshot attached). It's dead, I'm clickig like crazy and it just won't open anything. Also that drag and drop thing just opens the image location instead. Could you help me please? I'm using prestashop
  7. So I uploaded PTS Diana free theme onto my website to have a play and see what I thought. After many attempts trying to mould it and get it to look nice I found it to be extremely buggy and unreliable. I then attempted to load a different theme but got the above message, reverted back to diana and the site was fine again. I then wanted to switch to classic as I thought it was the theme I just uploaded that was the issue. I was wrong. It seems PTS Diana has altered something somewhere and now the site is unable to find the templates? I am not completely code savvy I am afraid. Would really appreciate some help so I can get my shop back online ASAP. Thanks, Ben Full error is: SmartyException in smarty_internal_template.php line 678:Missing template name in smarty_internal_template.php line 678 at Smarty_Internal_Template->__get('source') in smarty_internal_templatebase.php line 119 at Smarty_Internal_TemplateBase->fetch(null, null, 'layouts/layout-full-width.tpl', null, false, true, false) in SmartyDev.php line 41 at SmartyDev->fetch(null, null, 'layouts/layout-full-width.tpl') in FrontController.php line 671 at FrontControllerCore->smartyOutputContent(null) in FrontController.php line 655 at FrontControllerCore->display() in Controller.php line 225 at ControllerCore->run() in Dispatcher.php line 379 at DispatcherCore->dispatch() in index.php line 28
  8. Hello, I have a problem i am trying to fix for a week now. i have aupgraded my store to prestashop, whem i whant to activate ssl to my store, all good. when i activate SSL on all pages : , front page and products are good, but on category pages i get error " This page isn’t working www.tableta-android.ro redirected you too many times. Try clearing your cookies. ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS " I have no idea what to do. i have tried a lot of things, all the topics in the forum.
  9. Hello, I have a problem i am trying to fix for a week now. i have aupgraded my store to prestashop, whem i whant to activate ssl to my store, all good. when i activate SSL on all pages : , front page and products are good, but on category pages i get error " This page isn’t working www.tableta-android.ro redirected you too many times. Try clearing your cookies. ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS " I have no idea what to do. i have tried a lot of things, all the topics in the forum.
  10. Hi, I am building a website for a jewelry company and my attributes are not working. When I add a new attribute group to the site through the back office, it is not shown up in either the combination generator or in the "add attribute" group list. I seem to remember having this issue before and finding a fix online but I cannot for the life of me figure it out this time. The prestashop version is At current there is a Size Attribute Group which is working fine but when I add another group for Colour or Stone Type they do not show in the drop down box on the Add Attribute page. Please Help! Thanks!
  11. I see a lot of problems caused by changes within PrestaShop wich are avoidable. Sometimes it's a complete shop upgrade, or the installation of a new module or a change that might have looked straight forward but ended in troubles. Shop front end is broken, back end brocken or even both sides down. Or other vital functionality which causes erros after a change. This short guide might help to avoid some of these troubles. If it is considered as helpful, a moderator might pin this post. Before upgrading the shop or installing a new modules Make a full backup of your server. It sounds simple and it is. It helps you to avoid endless troubles and shop downtimes. Most of todays hosting panels allow to make a full backup with a single click. If you get stuck and you can't resolve the problem within reasonable time, just roll back by restoring your backup data. A restore takes minutes. But solving an issue with a broken front end might take hours. Before installing additional modules Give it a second and ask yourself: Do I really need the module, is it essential for me? Of course, there are many helpful modules available. But also others which are slugishly programmed, a source of injection attempts or not as helpful as an installation would be required. And don't forget: all modules add to complexity and processing time. Your shop won't run faster if you have plenty of modules installed. When uninstalling modules Run the uninstall comand from the backoffice - modules section. Do not delete the modules path before you have run the uninstall sucessfully. Why? Modules register hooks. This registration is stored outside the modules path. If you just delete the module's path without having uninstalled it, you are quite likely getting error messages like "undefined method" or similar. If you change code (TPL, PHP, CSS) Make a copy of the original file. Name it something like original.tpl.datestamp. If you get stuck with an error, you can easily revert back. And when changing code. Use the comment section in the beginning to document your changes. Date, kind or reason of change and maybe a line number. There is one day coming when ask yourself what you have changed in there. If you make a copy of .tpl files, do not use .tpl as the file extension for the copy. If you do so, you get both, changed and old file included to the translation section in your backoffice. If your are stuck with an error Enable DEV mode in your defince.inc.php in your config path: define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true ); DEV mode gives you enhanced debug messages which often allow to analzye or isolate a problem. Furthermore, log into your server and check the webservers error logfile. Some hosting panels also allow to do this from within a webbrowser session within your hosting panels. The error logfiles also give helpful indication on where or how to fix a problem. In many cases you get cleartext errors together with line numbers. If you face front end problems, you can also start the developer tools from your browser. In most browsers you can hit F12 and you get a toolbar or window with debug and inspection tools. If your can't solve a problem on your own Before posting search the froum! Other users may have encountered the same probles. In many cases, searching by error message helps. You can also use google to help searching. For example: if you run PrestaShop 1.6. and you have an error 500, you could google like this: site:prestashop.com 1.6 error 500 If you don't find a solution - make a new post for your problem. Don't forget to mention your prestashop version in use and the exact error message or error condition you are faced with. In many cases, screenshots are also helpful. And last but not least: Give your post a meaningful title. It helps other users to identify posts where they can help with their expertise. Bad Topic Title : Error Good Topic Title: PS 1.7.2 - error 500 when registering new customer If you problem is solved Report back. It's a pity that many posts remain unanswered. Any solution posted and reported back helps others from the community and motivates each of us to help you out. Good luck!
  12. Hello, I would ask you for help. My site footer is broken with pop up window that is at the end of the footer. I use prestashop I use bought theme. Thanks for your advices.
  13. Hace un tiempo el administrador comercial de facebook dejó de percibir la actividad en mi sitio web, al entrar l header.tpl no ví el pixel que ya había copiado meses antes, lo volví a copiar pero al ingresar a mi sitio web, este se encuentra dañado. ¿Por qué ya no puedo instalar mi pixel de facebook?
  14. Hello everyone, I am facing a probleml; Except my homepage, search engines results pages and pages related to the order process, all the rest of the pages won't be displayed. (www.enmodecuisine.com) It might have happened when i made some modifications on my homepage (changes in meta, urls etc.) Anyone can enlight me or tell me what the problem is. Thank you in advance,
  15. I was testing something with my store and enabled the Cache on the back office. This was the only change that I had made, and now my website is broken. I've tried multiple searches but can't seem to find anyone else that has run into this problem. I am running 1.6 and have turned the debugging mode on. I can no longer access either front or back office and don't know how I can go back and disable the cache setting to get things functioning again. This is the error that I get: Fatal error: Call to undefined method Shop::initialize() in .../shop/config/config.inc.php on line 101 Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  16. I pretty much have everything in my store setup, but I cannot get the Add To Cart button to show up for the life of me. Can someone please help me? Thanks in advance!!
  17. Hi guys, really hope someone can help me. Just purchased this theme, and after a bit of faffing managed to install it, but I was getting a white screen when I tried to use the theme. Turned on error reporting, and when logging into the back office, I get these two errors: 2 errors 1. ixtengine (parse error in /modules/ixtengine/ixtengine.php) 2. ixtengine (class missing in /modules/ixtengine/ixtengine.php) Which are obviously to do with the theme as ixt are the developers. When I tell prestashop to use this theme, the error I get on the previously white page is: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in /var/sites/b/myurl.co.uk/public_html/modules/ixtengine/ixtengine.php on line 34 When I press 'back' to get to the backoffice, I get 2 additional errors: Unknown error on line 413 in file /var/sites/b/myurl.co.uk/public_html/modules/multiblockatoh/multiblockatoh.php [2048] Declaration of MultiBlockAtoh::unregisterHook() should be compatible with that of ModuleCore::unregisterHook() Unknown error on line 31 in file /var/sites/b/myurl.co.uk/public_html/modules/shopimporter/shopimporter.php [2048] Declaration of shopimporter::cleanPositions() should be compatible with that of ModuleCore::cleanPositions() Really hope someone can help me, I've just updated my store to and functionality seemed fine prior to this. Not gonna lie, tiny bit annoyed since it wasn't a cheap theme. Look forward to any help! All the best! Edit: Despite efforts from myself and the developer, I was unable to get this module functioning correctly, thus applied for a refund which was swiftly actioned, so the problem has been addressed.
  18. I found a problem on the Prestashop front office demo (and in the default-bootstrap theme included) on an iPhone (I'm using a 5 with iOS7), tapping the categories menu opens and closes it immediately on a single tap. http://demo.prestashop.com/en/?view=front On a tap, the categories menu should stay open and on another tap, it should close. But the behavior is, on one tap, it will open and close immediately. The weird thing is, if you tap and hold for a bit, it stays open, but then the iPhone select menus pop up too. Obviously, this is not intended and makes it almost impossible to navigate on an iPhone. Seems to work fine on any computer though (so don't just use the mobile view option on a pc and claim that it works, because it will work correctly in a pc browser, but not on an actual iPhone). I am not sure the behavior of it on an Android or other smartphones, I haven't tested that. If I figure it out myself, I'll post a solution, but I'm sure someone else must have run into this before. I can't imagine this unintended behavior would go unnoticed in a responsive theme for very long. Thanks
  19. Hi Leute, ich bin etwas ratlos und hoffe ihr habt vielleicht eine Idee. Der Shop läuft schon seit 2 Monaten, es sind ca. 50 Bestellungen eingegangen und es werden ca. 500 Artikel angeboten. Shopversion ist und läuft auf Debian NGINX 1.2.1 mit PHP 5.4.34, es wird EU Legal 1.0.1 verwendet. Es läuft eigentlich alles reibungslos, bis auf wenige Bestellungen bei denen sich kein Lieferscheine oder Rechnungen drucken lassen. Es sind vielleicht 3 Stück von den 50 (leicht verteilt in der Mitte..also keine wirkliche Reihenfolge) Seit den letzten 20 Bestellungen ist das Problem noch nicht erneut aufgetaucht. Bei den Betroffenen Bestellungen gibt es teils wirre Gesamtpreisberechnungen in der zweiten PDF Zeile und vor allem werden entweder keine Artikel oder nur der genutzte Gutschein gezeigt. Ich hatte erst die Theorie, dass irgendwas mit den Gutscheinen nicht stimmt, aber das Problem tritt auch in Bestellungen auf bei denen kein Gutschein genutzt wurde. Nervig ist auch das die Lieferscheine zu diesen Bestellungen immer komplett leer sind und die Nr. #LI000000 bekommen, obwohl sie mit ihrer richtigen Nummer im Shopbackend angezeigt werden. (Habe Beispiele für Lieferschein und Rechnung anonymisiert angehangen) Die Bestellungen sehen im Shopbackend ganz normal aus und ich kann keine weiteren Gemeinsamkeiten bei den Problemfällen erkennen. Hat einer vielleicht ne Idee woran es liegen könnte? Liebe Grüße C. Fröhlingsdorf
  20. Morning, I have an issue for the last 10 days and unfortunately I could not resolve this on my own. Top horizontal menu - It work fine if you fallow the links from homepage or Categories. But if you stay in the Product page and then fallow the link from Top horizontal menu i will get 404 broken link. I have noticed that if you go on the link from homepage it fallows: .../new-products Same with the categories page. If I am on categories page and then fallow the Top menu link it will push me to .../new-products instead of ...ipods/new-products. Then I am on the Product page it will push me to: ..ipods/new-products which is 404 broken page. Help is much appritiated.
  21. When I try to upload most images (some small ones have worked fine) I get a red triangle without any error and it seems like the image is there, but shows a ? instead. Firebug reports: 500 Internal Server Error 4.14s in the console and when I enable debugging I get a JSON error where previously there was just a red box next to the alert triangle. The PHP upload setting is 32M and the images ~3MB. I'm using EDA theme which has an imagemanager override but even when disabled the problem persists. Can't seem to figure out what is causing it. Server software version Apache mod_fcgid/2.3.10-dev PHP version 5.4.31 Memory limit 64M Max execution time 120 PrestaShop version
  22. I have installed a new copy of PrestaShop and when I tried to upload somethimes the images are uploaded, but some thumbnails were missing, or some of the images were not uploaded at all. I did a long research what the problem could be. What I found (for example folder permissions, memory_limit or bugs in older PS versions) was not my case. Now I'm thinking that there is some misconfiguration of the server, but I didn't find anything suspicious... Here is my php info http://evroweb.com/teos/i.php P.S. I noticed that with a memory_limit of 128M I cannot access the back-office Modules page. I accessed it when I increased it to 256M. Any suggestions please?
  23. Hi Everyone Hi Vekia I am new to prestashop and I am trying to learn the basics. I have a new install that has not been modified from the defaults when I navagate around the site to see what works there are some things that are broken. These functions don't appear to work. {Top bar catagories , } On all pages the dropdown menu doesn't work when curser is hovered , except for the homepage and product info page. {Top header shopping cart.} With products in cart, On all pages the dropdown doesn't work when curser is hovered , except for the homepage and product info page. {Sort products feature} On all pages that list multible products - best sellers, women,new products, ect -, none of the sort products options work, - price lowest first-, -product name A to Z,- ect { View by grid or list option} On all pages that list multible products, the option to show products by grid or as a list does not work. { left column product filter} On all pages that list multible products, the option to filter products by -size, color, styles-, does not work. I looked for a way to activate some of these things at the moduals ---Layered navigation block ---catagories block -- cart block but I found nothing. I have installed presta with one click installer at server and manually and the same problems are there. The same problems can been seen on the softaculous.com prestashop demo site http://demos5.softaculous.com/PrestaShop/index.php And on the Prestashop demo site http://demo.prestashop.com/en/?view=front Are these features suppost to be activated somehow ? what the heck do I do about this. my store isn't live so crawlers won't index the wrong type of store on my domain. but if you can give me an IP you use I can enable site to work for you. The demo sites urls above have same exact problems. Thanks You for any help. Presta 100
  24. Hi All. Having an issue with block best sellers appearing in the wrong place and i can't seem to find where to remove it. here's a picture to illustrate the problem : Obviously the block is in the wrong place. I am using mercadopago module, but nowhere inside it there's a mention of blockbestsellers. Ideally i'd remove it from that page altogether, but i can't figure out how. Who controls whether or not this block is displayed, i know it's controllable since, for example, in one page checkout it doesn't get displayed. Any help would be appreciated.
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