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Major Layout Issues

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Just upgraded and I have all kinds of major layout issues.  Hours of work and about ready to scrap Prestashop for something that works.




- The cart button is massively huge and not in the upper-right anymore.

- The slider isn't centered and is not properly in the layout anymore.

- The promotional slider shows up again in the middle of the home page item list, with part of the second image of the slider displayed under it.

- The HOME of the main menu is all by itself, taking up an entire line by itself.

- The search field is huge and doesn't seem to be in line with the logo area.  Looks like it's not lined up properly.

- In general, all the text is huge and I can't figure out how to change the text/font to a more normal size.


So many issues -- I have no idea where to start, or just give up and scrap it.

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As others have said most of this has already been solved, as prestamax suggeted move the cart to the second position under DisplayTop should be like this


Quick Search Block

Cart Block

User Info block




For the footer you need to change the order like this.


Newsletter Block

Social networking Block

Categories Block

Cms Block

My Account Block

Contact Information Block



You also need to reset the Imageslider module, go to modules scroll down to image slider on the right click the arrow and choose reset, you will then need to re-upload your images.

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 --- with improvements during 2013-04-10 until 2013-04-13 like marked in the text ---

 I am adding here below the solutions when found and with success applied on my customers shop. All  additions will be dated. Prior text will not be modified (excepted typing errors etc.).

   Referrring to #1 of this thread...
  I have the same problem. I try to supply a feedback for the Prestashop developers of all what does not work properly, and I am listing solutions as far as I found them (by myself or in the forum). Hopeful that there are not too many silly errors in my long text...
  Version: Prestashop - approx. April 5, 2014 - on April 11 upgraded to
  viewed mainly on Firefox (LINUX UBUNTU) - but is similar or identical on Chrome (in UBUNTU).
 Most of the problems can also be viewed on the site mentioned above: https://mccoystudios.com/onlinestore
 This is NOT my site. So the solutions here below do not concern THAT site.
 1. PROBLEM: The cart button is not in the upper-right anymore.
 SOLUTION:  In admin menu:  modules => positions => displayTop
     There: Move it with the arrow symbols upwards, save and reload the start page.
2. PROBLEM:  Layout for Search field and Cart
have apparently a conflict,
    probably due to settings for (huge) script size / field size, field height.
SOLUTION: probably within the style sheet approx. 5 locations to modify.
   I did not yet try this, waiting for the next upgrade, hopeful that I can finally keep the standard configuration.
3.a) PROBLEM:  Slideshow: is not inside dhe main middle column...
(2014-04-13 : a bit modified / clarified)

... but apparently it got he whole page width.   
(means: in  "MODULES" ... "positions"  it is hooked insider the hease of the main page content segment.)  
   In addition, the proper images were only left for German language display.
   For English some other images were now displayed.
   (Perhaps the past version was single language, the new is multi-lang.)
SOLUTION:  Download of all past images (my customer, the shop owner, had entered them).
   Then walking to "module" / search for "slider". Reset of the module slideshow.
   Then: Configuration. - Then all past images deleted, to have a clean sheet.  
   Entered the true images (6 in this case) for German und English.
IMPROVISATION: This does not yer settle the problem of the wrong placement.
   Therefore I reduced in the configuration the width to 150 px.
   So it continues to exist, but is small and this way tolerable.
   Hopeful that the next Prestashop upgrade will settle this.

Or perhaps by: (Still to study in detail)
3. b. )   PROBLEM:  The promotional slider shows up again in the middle...
(2014-04-13 : modified / clarified)

... in the middle column (main colunn) of the start page, with part of the second image of the slider displayed under it. Irregular distorted display.
This is due to the duplicate occurence of the module in:
.... "MODULES" ... "positions"
Many or most slideshow software tools can not execute 2x on the same output page.

The here adopted solutions was only to keep the first occurence above (within the page wide "headere" of the main conent of the start page).
For the second occurence I did an unhook in "MODULES" ... "positions".

Then I used the function "transplant" (in "MODULES" ... "positions" in thei right upper corner)
to move the slider to the middle column (like in PRESTASHOP 1.5 ).

This resulted in a totally distorted sart page. Reasons? Perhaps errors with the  "div"s or duplicte use of Javascript variable names or some own silly administration error?
I am anyway opposed to slideshows - the top best location of shops should be used for guiding the subconscience of visitors, not for making the graphics people show that they are world champions. Finally the site owner agreed to drop the slideshow.

There were other problems with the slider module. Details:
The solution recommended there: to upgrade to PRESTASHOP v. (the newest as for 2014-04-11).
I had this done before obtaining the results like here above.

4. PROBLEM:  The main horizontal menu bar
has got the big script size of block titles. Therefore it occupies more than 1 line. - There is also a layout problem with "Home" which is not any more inside the horizontal menu bar, and is not any more a ink.
Most could probably be setlled by approx. 4 minor modifications in the style sheets. I did not yet do this, because it would be better that the next upgrade will settle this in a standard manner.

5. PROBLEM:  The contact specification in the footer
has disappeared. Attempts to re-edit it are not saved.
Go to "MODULES" , search there for:   contact
Find the one which is concerned, and order: Reset.
Then "Configuration" will work again. Enter all data - no problem left.

6. PROBLEM: The right column has totally disappeared.
- an the start page, on display of a category, on display of single products)
(Was used for new products, specials, store location, payment information.)

SOLUTION:  --- Added 2014-04-10 --
start reading here: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/317409-tutorial-classic-3-columns-theme/
Now you understand how it SHOULD work. It will probably NOT work on your shop.

To really settle this problem, you have first to read this:
Then go on your shop server to phpMyAdmin (in shared hosting typically via CPANEL to phpMyAdmin).

Backup on your local PC the 2 tables which will be replaced. So you are able to do a roll-back.
Then replace these 2 tables conforming to this source code:
The columns to the right / to the left will now work nearly like before the upgrade from Prestashop 1.5.xxxx to 1.6.xxxx.

You can fine-tune this like explained here:

--- Comment 2014-04-10: ---
Before the modifications in the MySQL data base the row quantity was as follows:  ps_meta =30      ps_theme_meta =52
Afterwards and also for the  own shop it is 34 for both.
Without trying to understand this in detail, at the first glance I would guess that there is probably a bug created during the upgrade to ?
AND: Is 34 o.k. or is 52 o.k.? This modification - let us call a "patch" - , will it result in later problems somewhere else or at the occasion of future updates?
It has to be left to the PRESTASHOP developers to know the proper answers, and perhaps to take care of this during future upgrades.

7.A. PROBLEM: The left column has totally disappeared
for the display of a category page, or for the display of single products. It is only shown on the start page.

--- Added 2014-04-10 --- SOLUTION:
The same like just before for "6. PROBLEM".

7.B. (NOTED HERE:)    CMS  pages / HTML 5:
(added 2014-04-10)
The shop pages show in their first line just "HTML" (=HTML5 ?).
When inserting as a CMS-page a source file in HTML5 coding, it is apparently automatically converted into former HTML versions.
This is not an upgrade problem and therefore only mentioned here without more details.

8. Suggestion for Upgrade problems (modified in 2014-04-11)
"Issues" are the price to pay for the value of permanent software evolution. There is no great and permanently improving software without minor transitional problems.

But it is extremely difficult to find with a reasonable time investment the solutions in the hundreds / thouands of forum contributions with the many repetitions. In fact, there is only a limited number of issues which occur for most users, and the true solutions mostly consist of 10 lines or so per issue.

A solution would be to create for major upgrades an issue settlement instruction, 1 single file, ordered by topic / sub-topic. It would save 90++ percent of time for all of us for troube shooting. As far as concerns my specific problems, I try to do it here above.

9. Basic layout concepts:
(added 2014-03-13)

The "default traditional layout" with its past 3 column display might have disadvantages for shops for emotion-based buying decisions, like fashion, luxury items, etc.. But at least a column to the left for categories and links to information pages is very efficient for shops for subjects needing careful search and final choice of several items, like books, DVD, do-it-yourself-products for combined buying selections, etc..
As far as I can now understand, the many problems - see here above - for many users were jurst caused by switching during an upgrade between these 2 concepts, Apparently it was mostly a matter of configuration and could mostly be settled by the administrator interface. A coherent helpful information would have been fine. We users have frequently only 1 single such shop to administer and are therefore not ready to suddenly know all configuration options when our running shop site seems suddenly to be "broken".

I am so glad that we have such an exceptional unique software value like the "monster system" Prestashop. Please do not misunderstand what I wanted to express.

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