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Not loading on Chrome - No data received


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I had some theme modifications done from a freelancer and now for some reason, obviously related to that, i can't access front office with Chrome. He is looking into it but i would appreciate any extra help...


The page refuses to load and a "No data received" is showing up after few seconds.


I can access back office and i can access both front and back with Firefox and IE, only issue is with Chrome.

Of course i have deleted browser cache and even updated Chrome but no luck.


Hosting says it's not a server issue.


What could be causing this weird behavior on Chrome?

(I can provide my URL in PM if someone is willing t take a look).


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was this ever resolved? i'm having a similar issue. 

i'm working on going through my catalog and updating the photos and things and prestashop will go down for up to two minutes or so. it's both the back office and front office that is going down for me.

i thought it was my hosting, but i called them up and they said everything's ok on their end. prestashop is installed in a /shop/ directory on a main website and the main website is working fine. 

it's pretty annoying, sometimes i'll get an hour or so of work done before it happens, other times it's every 20-30 seconds. 

i haven't tried in firefox or explorer yet, i'll try loading up the site in one of those next time to see if it's just chrome or not.

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i cleared the smarty cache a couple hours ago and so far so good. could this have been an issue? it had been a while since i last did that. 
if it happens again i'll pm you, the site seems happy when i'm not messing about in the back office, it was only when i was trying to upload product images and change descriptions when it went wonky on me. 

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ok, it's still happening. it only seems to happen when i'm adding images and combinations to my products. to save myself from typing up every little step i take to make it happen, i made a video of what i do to get the problem to occur and it's very consistent; every time i go through these same steps it happens. 

sorry for the music, i didn't even think about it recording pandora. 



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i was keeping count yesterday, it happened 13 times in a 5 hour span, usually a few times within 5 min or so. it takes down everything on my web server, including the unrelated website we're currently using until this prestashop site is ready, and it usually lasts between 60 and 120 seconds.




it seems to happen only when i'm using the "save and stay" button repeatedly on the same product, which you have to do when assigning images to product combos, or applying multiple specific prices to a product. 


so far i've spent maybe 30 min working today and it's already happened twice. 

it's totally screwing up my productivity. :(  

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