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  1. looks like it rolled back just fine. now i'm working on tracking down which mods i updated, deleting them and reinstalling from my 1.5 folder.
  2. I have it backed up, yes. It wasn't broken until I updated the modules, and that itself didn't break the shop, just broke the modules. I did some reading on it and apparently 1.5 will prompt you to upgrade your modules to 1.6 compatible versions and then stop working in 1.5. A lot of people had this issue, I guess, I found a lot of threads about the issue. When I'm back at work on Monday I'll try to roll it back and see what that does.
  3. I tried switching to the 1.6 theme to see if it would work but I get the same error. Hmm.
  4. I did a silly when I logged into the back office of my shop (1.5) and found a ton of modules needed updating - I went and updated them all, and it broke everything. I should have searched the forums about updating the modules in 1.5, because then I would have seen that it will totally break your website. Before going through and rolling back all the modules, I figured I would go ahead and just update to 1.6 and see what happens. Well, what happens is a white page. I turned on error reporting and got the following - Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$smarty in /home/cwlights404/public_html/shop/classes/module/Module.php on line 1863 Fatal error: Call to a member function createTemplate() on a non-object in /home/cwlights404/public_html/shop/classes/module/Module.php on line 1863 I'm assuming it has to do with my template, which is the original 1.5 template that I have heavily modified. I'm hoping I can somehow make this work, as I have hours and hours into my template and I would rather not have to start from scratch. Anyway, am I correct in thinking it's a template issue? 'createTemplate()' makes me think so.
  5. i completely disagree. yes, it's free, but it's also people's livelihoods and businesses at stake here. when something as simple as an update takes down your whole site, you're potentially losing out on money you could be making. you can't provide a service like this, free or otherwise, and mess up the simple things and expect people to keep using it.
  6. the link i provided above (http://ryanfait.com/sticky-footer/) has a solution that can be made to work. it's working for me just fine.
  7. thanks for that link, i'll check it out and see if i can make sense of this.
  8. i've read that and tried to follow along and couldn't get it to work. since that thread is marked solved, i didn't want to bump it with more questions. do i put a new hook in the homefeatured module? or do i just call to it's existing hook in my html?
  9. The index of my store has custom html and I want to put the "homefeatured" module in my code, but I'm having a hell of a time trying to create a new hook for it. I tried following a couple different guides, but I'm doing something wrong. Is it even possible to add a new hook to an existing module? Everything I've been reading is more geared towards adding a new hook for a new module. I'm using PrestaShop
  10. is it possible to put in a hook to call an existing mod? my index is mostly custom html, but i want to insert the featured products module in there, how would i go about that?
  11. thanks, but i have already extended tinymce. for whatever reason, it doesn't effect cms pages, just product pages. i changed the validate thing too, yeah.
  12. Is there any way to stop the HTML editor on the CMS pages adding and removing manually inserted markup? When ever you save your HTML, it will automatically add <p>'s and take out markup that it doesn't understand. For example, if you insert an iframe in your CMS page and add the 'seamless' attribute, PrestaShop will strip it out. In other words, is there a way to have a CMS page show what I want it to show? To have it show the HTML I put in there, rather than the hacked up HTML PrestaShop makes from what I put in? Thanks guys.
  13. yeah, just as i thought. as far as i could find, there isn't really a good way to take care of this other than altering some .tpl files and doing it with css. that link i provided above will give you a head start on getting it worked out, here it is again - http://ryanfait.com/sticky-footer/ EDIT- i made a couple screen shots to show an example of what Guid is talking about. i am interested to see if there is a better way to do this than what i came up with, so i figured i would help illustrate the issue. first image is what will happen when your browser window is "longer" than your website. you are left with an unsightly gap between the bottom of your footer and the bottom of your browser window. second image is of the desired result for when your website is too short for your browser window. the footer should "stick" to the bottom of the browser and stretch the page down to meet it.
  14. he might mean that the footer isn't "sticking" to the bottom of the browser on pages that come up short. on my site i did a sticky footer thing that worked out well, except i had to get creative when it came to stretching the body down to meet the footer on taller displays.
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