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Call $cart->getSummaryDetails() after saving cart


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Hi !


I would like to be able to, in a module, call $cart->getSummaryDetails() (with ajax) and do some other javascript after my cart was saving or updating.


I use hookActionCartSave but i can't use a .tpl with it, so no javascript.


Anybody have an idea ?


Thanks !

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I'm tried  

public function hookActionCartSave($params){
    echo '<script type="text/javascript">console.log(\'test\')</script>';

But when the hook is call, i got an alert Error (for example when i add a product to my card : impossibe to add to cart / text status : parse error / responseText : unexpectable token <' / [...]



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Yeah, i tried that finally.

But there is a lot of button/action who update the cart (add to cart, update quantity, change carrier, delete product, bloc cart...).


So, a hook which is call after each action on the cart, with a template, will be a better solution, but i did'nt find one :(

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