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  1. I can help you with this. I am also the author of Express Cache plugin for PS.
  2. Change the line in install/fixtures/apple/data/order_history.xml from <order_history id="order_history_1" id_employee="0" id_order="1" id_order_state="Awaiting_cheque_payment"/> to <order_history id_order_history="1" id_employee="0" id_order="1" id_order_state="Awaiting_cheque_payment"/>
  3. Hey, first of all upgrade to latest version of PS. has a security vulnerabilities. If they are able to inject script inside the database that means they are attempting SQL injection attack. I can check your server for all possible intrusion attempts. Let me know if you need my help.
  4. Awesome tips and thanks for Mentioning our prestashop cache module. I am planning to integrate some tips directly into the module. Follow this post for updates.
  5. I am the maker of Express Cache. Its one of the popular modules for caching pages into static HTML but still intelligently serves dynamic pages for each module. Apart from this module, I can help you tweak the performance of you shop to the maximum. Please PM me for quotation.
  6. Hi, I am the maker of Express Cache module. You are not seeing any improvements in GTMetric because it measures overall site health instead of speed of the page. You shall feel faster response of the website (as you already do) by browsing through the website. However, you can quantify this fastness by checking the page response time in Google Analytics or Web master tools. You can also use pingdom tools to measure the responsiveness of a website.
  7. We have made the module to work by default with uecookie module by Vekia. Please contact me directly at [email protected], I will surely help you out.
  8. Well, I found this code. It emails the user without checking of new 'current_state' public function setCurrentState($id_order_state, $id_employee = 0) { if (empty($id_order_state)) return false; $history = new OrderHistory(); $history->id_order = (int)$this->id; $history->id_employee = (int)$id_employee; $history->changeIdOrderState((int)$id_order_state, $this); $res = Db::getInstance()->getRow(' SELECT `invoice_number`, `invoice_date`, `delivery_number`, `delivery_date` FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'orders` WHERE `id_order` = '.(int)$this->id); $this->invoice_date = $res['invoice_date']; $this->invoice_number = $res['invoice_number']; $this->delivery_date = $res['delivery_date']; $this->delivery_number = $res['delivery_number']; $this->update(); $history->addWithemail(); }
  9. Is your id_carrier (25) compatible with the address you are providing? You should also checkout Prestashop classes folder to see how it behaves step by step.
  10. When trying to update an Order, an email is sent out to the buyer irrespective of the 'current_state' value. For example, if I send this : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <prestashop> <order> <id>18</id> <reference>TGEWKKMSY</reference> <id_customer>10</id_customer> <total_paid>43</total_paid> <payment>Bank wire</payment> <current_state>4</current_state> <shipping_number>test1234</shipping_number> <id_address_delivery>8</id_address_delivery> <id_address_invoice>8</id_address_invoice> <id_cart>27</id_cart> <id_currency>1</id_currency> <id_lang>1</id_lang> <id_carrier>4</id_carrier> <module>bankwire</module> <total_paid_real>0</total_paid_real> <total_products>27</total_products> <total_products_wt>30</total_products_wt> <conversion_rate>1.000000</conversion_rate> <id_shop_group>1</id_shop_group> <id_shop>1</id_shop> </order> </prestashop> So, here <current_state> is 4 and its already 4 in the database, in other words I didn't change it. But an email is sent whereas its expected to NOT send an email if the state does not change. Please let me know if I am doing something wrong.
  11. Hi all, Is it possible to use Web Service to send email notifications? For example, if I add a 'customer_message' via web service, will it send a email to the customer/employee? I already tried to add a customer message but its not working, any ideas? PS: All I can find that you can send email for 'order_histories' resource using 'sendemail=1' GET param, other than that web service does not support email notifications.
  12. We need someone knowledgable and experienced in writing articles for our website xtendify.com. We need articles on How Tos, News, Tutorials etc on regular basis. Send your applications to [email protected] We will be paying on per article basis. Topics - Prestashop, Opencart, Magento, WordPress, AngularJS, Bootstrap, etc.
  13. Try out Express Cache module - https://www.xtendify.com/en/product/111-express-cache-speed-up-your-prestashop. Full disclosure - I am the author.
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