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Import attribute value with comma

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i've a cron script that every 30 min import and update the products from a xml file, that's work fine.

My problem is the attribute value, that seems not import the right size with comma.

For example i've in my xml file:





In product admin page, combinations section, i've:


Size 10 | Reference: 10

Size 10 | Reference: 10,5


So in the attribute value the 10,5 become 10, i think it's a comma problem, and when a customer add the product with size 10, i don't know if he meant 10,5 or 10.


Hope i've explained my problem, please help to figuered out



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Maybe PrestaShop always expects a dot . character as a delimiter for decimal digits in a number, regardless of your country and locale settings? I know for certain that this is also the case when doing CSV import.


So, I would do a little test with dots instead of commas and see what happens.

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unfortunately, you can't that's the mysql standard.

In addition to this, if you will change it to dot, you will need to change whole core of ps which support dots.

Why you want to use commas? Maybe there is an easy way to achieve what you expect with different and possible solution

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I have similar problem, but with text values.

I'm trying to import like:


attribute1: blue, red, white

attribute2: red, green, yellow


but after import I get just:


attribute1: blue

attribute2: red


It looks like CSV import tool cuts of the value after first comma. I'm using version,   ; as field delimiter, " as value delimiter.

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If dots followed by spaces work, but commas followed by spaces don't, it sounds like a bug in PrestaShop's CSV parser or at the very least a serious inconsistency.


Have you tried with commas and no spaces yet? I'm also favoring the use of spaces after commas for readability purposes but only when writing code, not in cases like this.

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I know it's a rather old question but...

I am struggling to import into PS products that have attributes with commas in their names (e.g. "fish, red"), which works fine if entered in the backend, but causes troubles when importing.

I think the issue here is that the import treats certain columns (e.g. Categories and Attribute / Value) as multi-value, where each value is separated with a comma from the other. E.g.:


describes the product Pants, with ID 123 and that belongs to the categories red AND blue.




And of course the solution (duh) in PS is to choose a different multi-value delimiter, possibly a character that is not in the attribute names (e.g. |)...

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