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  1. i've the same problem but i can't solved it. On LeftColumn it works properly, but in the cms page i've got the same error message. Can you please post your full solution?
  2. Thanks @bellini13, do you know how to change the code to make it works?
  3. Hi, i use prestashop version and need help to figured out this problem: i've set up free shipping above 50 €, but if a customer add to a discount code to the cart and the total decreases under the 50 € he got the free shipping, because it calculates on the total products insted of total price. Here's an example to explain my problem better: Product A: 60 € Total products: 60 € Total voucher: -20 € Total price: 40 € So it takes the free shipping instead calculate the total products instead the total price, that is 40€ and it should not take the free shipping. Hope anyone can help me to figured out, Thanks
  4. Hello, anyone knows how fixed the meta title and meta description bug in It doesn't work in all-post.html and in post detail either, and for SEO is really bad. Please let me know if someone can help me to figuered out.
  5. Hi, i've download the last zip module and follow the instructions, everythings works fine but in frontend i've this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined method Link::getPageLinkOld() in ...modules\plblog\plblog.php on line 626 even if i've put the files in override/classes/ I'm using version, hope anyone can help me out
  6. Do you know if it's possible allow commas in mysql?
  7. I've tried with dot instead of comma and it works. I think is Prestashop that cuts the number after the comma, any ideas how to figured it out?
  8. Hello, i've a cron script that every 30 min import and update the products from a xml file, that's work fine. My problem is the attribute value, that seems not import the right size with comma. For example i've in my xml file: <size1>10</size1> <size2>10,5</size2> In product admin page, combinations section, i've: Size 10 | Reference: 10 Size 10 | Reference: 10,5 So in the attribute value the 10,5 become 10, i think it's a comma problem, and when a customer add the product with size 10, i don't know if he meant 10,5 or 10. Hope i've explained my problem, please help to figuered out Thanks
  9. Hello, i'd like that some categories child of mother cat of my prestashop will be not index on google. Example: - CAT 1 --- CAT A --- CAT B --- CAT C How can i set my robots.txt to disallow all the categories child of CAT 1 (in few words i need to disallow CAT A, CAT B, CAT C)? Hope anyone could help me to figured out
  10. m3w

    Add php function

    Ok, i've solved like this: {if (strtotime('October 22, 2013 13:28:00 GMT') <= $smarty.now && strtotime('October 28, 2013 13:35:00 GMT') >= $smarty.now) }
  11. m3w

    Add php function

    If i use this code: {if ($smarty.now >= strtotime('October 21, 2013 12:00:00 GMT'))} <div class="topbar">my message</div> {/if} the div don't show up, so i thought it was a problem of the date format. I need that the div topbar be visibile after 21th october and be hidden again on the 28 october. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. m3w

    Add php function

    i've tried this: {if ($smarty.now|date_format:"%B %e, %Y %H:%M:%S" >= strtotime('October 21, 2013 12:00:00 GMT'))} but seems wrong 'cause the div didn't show up... any advice?
  13. m3w

    Add php function

    Thanks, it doesn't give error, but how can i set local hour? I've tried but the div didn't show up
  14. Hello, i need to add a php function in my footer.tpl to show a div after a specific date. For example, the div called "topbar" should appear after the date 21 Octobre 12:00:00 This the php code: if (time() >= strtotime('October 21, 2013 12:00:00 GMT')) { echo "<div class="topbar">my message</div>"; } I've read that with smarty you can't paste the code inside a tpl, and the function {php} is deprecate, so how can i figured out? Any help would be appreciated Thanks
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