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[SOLVED] url link product-list


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It depend on how you insert the URL as a link to another website.

You can use Product Reference to insert the URL as a link to another website

Then you just have to replace the default URL linked to product image on your product-list.tpl file.


{$product.link|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'} Replace with {$product.reference|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}

<a href="{$product.reference|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}" class="product_img_link" title="{$product.name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}">
   <img src="{$link->getImageLink($product.link_rewrite, $product.id_image, 'home_default')|escape:'html'}" alt="{$product.legend|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}" {if isset($homeSize)} width="{$homeSize.width}" height="{$homeSize.height}"{/if} />
   {if isset($product.new) && $product.new == 1}<span class="new">{l s='New'}</span>{/if}
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Thanks for your quick reply


2 errors


 field ref too lang (32max)

 ref  not valid   (= &)


Any ideas?


You may consider to use bitly or any other shortener URL service out there to get rid of your long URL and restricted characters issues.


But if you insist to use the original URL which is long and contains restricted characters, then you should modify the core files and try vekia modifications (create custom product vars)

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